How To Help Someone Else Get Started Coin Collecting – 5 Fun Ways To Encourage Others To Collect Coins

by Joshua

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stacks-of-coins-for-rolling-by-cohdra.JPGOkay, so you are already interested in coin collecting, but now you want a buddy to share in the fun with you!

Well, you could always join a coin collecting club and find new friends there.

Or, if you like the company you already keep, you could see if one of your friends might want to become a coin collector right alongside with you.

So, how do you encourage someone else to become a fellow coin collector? Consider these 5 ideas:

#1 – Introduce Them To Topical Coin Collecting

Are there certain things that he or she likes? Maybe birds, sports, food, or boats?

Well, chances are, there is a coin that will satisfy their personal interests. You may be surprised at the enormous variety of subjects found on coins.

In fact, if you include foreign coins, you will likely find numerous coins that include images of their favorite things.

Consider picking up a current copy of the Standard Catalog of World Coins, by Colin R. Bruce to see what types of coins you may want to give to them as an initiation gift into the hobby of coin collecting.

#2 – Give Them A Coin Folder

coin-folders-state-coin-collection-gold-coins-susan-b-anthony-dollars.jpgThis is an inexpensive and fun way to get someone else involved in coin collecting.

Buy a coin folder designed to hold coins like recent Lincoln cents, Jefferson nickels, or Roosevelt dimes. Encourage him or her to fill the album with coins from everyday pocket change. It’s as simple as that!

Let’s hope they have some change to spare for this. But if they do, they will probably enjoy filling up that coin album.

Plus, it may just inspire them to become a full-time coin collector.

#3 – Take Them To A Coin Show

Do they like spending the weekend doing something out of the house? Then why not take them with you to a coin show?

This is an activity they may find enjoyable.

Besides, spending a day looking at the many interesting coins you two will likely encounter at the event may actually spark their interest to pursue the hobby of coin collecting.

#4 – Talk To Them About the Benefits Of Coin Collecting

They might consider coin collecting after you tell them about all the perks of joining the hobby:

  • Discuss how much fun coin collecting is for you.
  • Talk about how coin collecting doesn’t have to be expensive to still be fun.
  • Remind them that this is a hobby that they can enjoy for a lifetime.
  • And, of course, don’t forget to mention the investment perks that sometimes can be had with coin collecting. But be honest, too. Investing in coins never guarantees a return on the money.

#5 – Have A Coin Party

What’s a coin party?

Well, you simply have a social gathering based around the topic of coins.

Need some fun coin party ideas?

You could:

…You get the idea.

Theme your party around coins and coin collecting. Gather some friends.

It could be fun — and there’s no doubt you will attract at least one or two new recruits into this fun hobby!



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