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2009 Lincoln Cent: Tips For Collecting Lincoln Coin Roll Sets

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By Joshua


The United States Mint has been striking special roll sets of the 2009 Lincoln cent series honoring Abraham Lincoln’s personal and public life.

These new pennies have been very popular with coin collectors.

Also popular, have been U.S. Mint roll sets of uncirculated 2009 Lincoln pennies. The Lincoln cent roll sets are selling out fast!

Here’s everything you need to know about Lincoln cent roll sets…

Collecting Lincoln Roll Sets

Since the Philadelphia and Denver mint both make circulating coins, in order to have a complete collection of the 2009 Lincoln cents, one must have both Philadelphia and Denver coins.

That’s where the U.S. Mint roll sets help.

Roll sets combine one roll of Philadelphia pennies and one roll of Denver pennies. This 2-roll coin set is sold by the U.S. Mint in a special, colorful paper wrapper identifying the coins contained within.

Currently, Lincoln cent roll sets are quite affordable. However, the set of the first design of 2009 Lincoln cents sold out in just weeks.

About 100,000 sets were made and demand was fierce. In fact, you can already find some people selling the first 2009 Lincoln cent set rolls on eBay for over $80. Talk about demand!

Buying Lincoln Cent Roll Sets

2009 Lincoln cent roll sets are being offered for each of the 4 designs. However, they are only being sold by the U.S. Mint for a limited time.

The first roll sets sold out very quickly — in only weeks.

Roll sets of the second design, (released May 14, 2009) are currently on the market.

Demand for roll sets of the second design (Lincoln’s Formative Years) in the series is also very high!

In fact, the U.S. Mint stated on its web site that orders placed during the first week of sale would not be available for shipping until mid-July!

Here’s how to buy the 2nd roll set from the U.S. Mint.

There has been strong demand for the 2009 Lincoln cent roll sets. As was the case with the first Lincoln cent roll set early in 2009, the demand for subsequent roll sets is expected to be just as high.

How high prices may go, and if prices will remain high, is not something anyone can determine at this point. What is known though is that demand for the roll sets is generating a rush on the roll sets being sold by the U.S. Mint.

And eBay sales are currently brisk for the roll sets. As coin collecting and coin investing go though, there are no guaranteed results or future promises.

The Future Of Lincoln Cent Roll Sets

Everyone is wondering what the future may hold for 2009 Lincoln cent roll sets. Ordinary (bank-wrapped) 2009 Lincoln cent rolls may be worth little more than other Lincoln cent rolls.

The steady interest for the 2009 Lincoln cent roll sets packaged in the special colored wrappers is hot.

Because of the limited numbers of 2009 Lincoln cent roll sets being produced, as well as the overall popularity of Lincoln cents, strong demand for Lincoln cent roll sets in the coming years is a distinct possibility.