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Tips For Assembling A Complete Set Of 50 State Quarters + A List Of All The Coins In This Popular Series And Their Dates

The U.S. Mint's state quarter program began in 1999 and continued through 2008. In all, 50 statehood quarters were made -- one for each state in the United States. They were released into circulation in the order that the statehoods came into existence. Here's the official list of all 50 state quarters and their release dates. Plus, everything you need to know about collecting the 50 state quarters, and fun ways to save state quarters that you probably haven't thought of!

Lincoln Wheat Cents: See The Values Of Wheat Penny Semi-Key Dates

There are 5 really rare Lincoln pennies. However, they are not the only Lincoln cents that prove scarce to collectors. There are many date-and-mintmark combinations which are very difficult to find, cost collectors a pretty penny to buy, and certainly are on the wish lists of many people. We discuss those Lincoln semi-key coins here.

50 State Quarter Values + Little-Known Facts About The Popular 50 Statehood Quarters Series

See the current state quarter values, a list of rare state quarters, and state quarter errors. Also, lots of fun facts about the 50 State Quarters series -- for trivia buffs and anyone who enjoys American history! I've created a detailed list of all the different things that are symbolized on the Statehood Quarters, along with some interesting little-known facts about these popular U.S. quarters.

A Fun Way To Collect Coins From A Specific Year: Assemble A Birth Year Coin Set Or A Conception Year Coin Set!

A really fun idea is to assemble a Birth Year Coin Set or a Conception Year Coin Set. It's a collection of coins that were struck during the year of one's birth or the year of one's conception. The idea is to pick out of pocket change an example of each coin you find that was struck the year you (or someone you love) was born -- or conceived. This is a simple DIY project for all skill levels -- whether you officially collect coins or not! Here are some clever ideas for making coin sets by year -- including Birth Year Coin Sets and Conception Year Coin Sets.