5 Budgeting Tips For Coin Collecting

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budgeting-tips-photo-by-somegeekintn.jpg Everybody’s having to watch their wallets and purses lately.

While tough economic times are pushing people to cut back on entertainment and luxuries, you don’t have to give up coin collecting to make ends meet.

Try some of these budgeting tips:

  • Go back to using pocket change as a means of collecting coins — all they cost is face value!
  • Stretch coin collecting goals (like completing sets or albums) over a longer period of time.
  • Save a small percentage of your discretionary income for coin collecting.
  • Search the discount bin at your local coin dealer for specials.
  • Try collecting cheaper coins — like Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, or foreign coins.

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  1. I purchased this coin from a local coin dealer for a low price. I can not identify it though as there no readable text (It appears to be Asian). I have compared it with many other countries but have not found a match. Any ideas?


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