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Canadian Coins

Canadian coins provide a refreshing alternative to collecting U.S. coins. The wonderful images found on the reverse of most Canadian coins make collecting them a satisfying pastime.

Bullion coins are great for investing AND collecting! My tips for collecting American Silver Eagles (1986-present), American Gold Eagles (1986-present), Platinum American Eagles (1997-2008), and Palladium bullion coins. See the scarcest & most sought-after Silver Eagles, pros & cons of collecting proof vs. bullion Silver Eagles, and more!

Modern coins are great for collectors who like cool designs and cheap options. Here are tips on collecting modern coins plus how and where you'll find them.

Tough economic times? Don't give up coin collecting to save money. Just try these budgeting tips!

Colorized coins are coins which have been painted after leaving the mint. However, there are some coins which have been intentionally colored by official government mints around the world.

Make sure you know how to avoid buying gold-plated coins.

Hologram coins bring unique and futuristic effects to money!

Check out some of the odd ways I have found some interesting coins. This may inspire you to find coins in some of the most unique of ways, too!

Bullion coins (silver coins, gold coins, and platinum coins) are fun to collect... and valuable too! For example, IRA investing is more fun -- and shinier -- if you use bullion coins as part of your investment portfolio. Here's a list of bullion coins that are approved for IRAs, plus tips for collecting bullion coins.