Odd Ways To Find Coins

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find-coins-photo-by-Joshua.JPG Finding a coin on the sidewalk is the usual way of picking up a ‘free’ coin when going about your day.

But there are some odd ways coins will turn up, too! Like while riding a roller coaster… (yes, that happened to me!)

Here are some of the most unique ways I have found some pretty interesting coins…

  • I once found an Irish 1 cent Euro coin on the parking lot of a grocery store.
  • I picked up a Presidential dollar I found sitting at my feet in the Incredible Hulk roller coaster at Universal Studios.
  • I found a Canadian Loon dollar while walking to a classroom on my college campus.
  • Ever been to Johnny Rockets Hamburgers? They have little juke boxes at the tables that take nickels. The server gave me a nickel, and that nickel was a 1943-P Wartime Jefferson nickel!

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