1980 Dollar Coin Value: The Ultimate Price Guide For Your 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins

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Do you have a 1980 Susan B. Anthony dollar coin?

Want to know how much it’s worth?

The 1980 Susan B. Anthony dollar coin can be worth much more than face value. Find out how much your 1980 dollar coins are worth here!

Determining whether your 1980 dollar coins are worth more than face value is a matter of knowing exactly what you have. Today I’m going to help you with that! I’m going to explain exactly which features you should be looking at on your 1980 dollar coins.

The value of your 1980 Susan B. Anthony dollar coin depends mostly on the grade of the coin. That and whether or not it contains any errors or varieties. In fact, there are several 1980 dollar coin errors that are worth a ton of money! (See list below.)

Let’s dive into the history of SBA dollar coins before we find out how much your old Susan B. Anthony dollar coins are worth today…

Fun Facts About 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins

First things first… Susan B. Anthony dollars are not made from silver!

In fact, all Susan B. Anthony dollar coins (which were struck from 1979 through 1981, and again in 1999) are made from copper-nickel clad. That’s the same metallic composition as circulating U.S. dimes and U.S. quarters that have been produced since 1965.

On the obverse (head’s side) of the 1980 dollar coin is Susan B. Anthony — a women’s rights activist who lived from 1820 through 1906 and fought for social equality, including voting rights for women.

The reverse (tail’s side) showcases the insignia for Apollo 11 — which is the NASA mission that took men to the Moon in 1969.

You might wonder why these two designs by Frank Gasparro were paired together…

Actually, Gasparro had another design prepared for the reverse which showed an eagle in flight. The Apollo 11 insignia was a holdover from the Eisenhower dollar, and it was retained due to a legislative clause from a lawmaker who wanted to keep that design in use on the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.

The first Susan B. Anthony dollars were released into circulation in July 1979, but they were unpopular.

Why? Because too many people confused them with the quarter!

The coin was retired just two years later in 1981 — though it saw a revival of sorts in mass-transit systems around the country.

Susan B. Anthony dollar coins were made again in 1999 — to fill a void in the supply before the Sacagawea dollar coin came along in 2000.

What Does A 1980 Dollar Coin Weigh?

The 1980 Susan B. Anthony dollar has a standard weight of 8.1 grams. That’s about one-third less than the weight of the Eisenhower dollars that preceded the SBA dollar.

Susan B. Anthony dollar coins are only 26.5 millimeters in diameter — which is much less than the 38.1 millimeter diameter of the Ike dollar.

Where Is The Mintmark On A 1980 Dollar Coin?

Trying to find the little letter mint stamp on your 1980 Susan B. Anthony dollar?

All you need to do is look in the lower left quarter of the coin on its obverse — right behind Anthony’s neck.

See that little letter? That is the mintmark. It tells you where your Susan B. Anthony dollar was made:

  • 1980 dollar coins with a “P” mintmark were made in Philadelphia.
  • If you see a little “D” on your 1980 dollar coin, it was struck in Denver.
  • An “S” on a 1980 dollar coin means that it was made in San Francisco.

Are Susan B. Anthony Dollars Rare?

It’s natural to think of Susan B. Anthony dollars as rare coins — because most people never see them in circulation these days.

Even when they were originally in production during the days of disco, they were hard to find in circulation!

In fact, a 1981 poll published in the American Numismatic Association’s monthly magazine The Numismatist revealed that of 50 respondents, 8 had never even seen a Susan B. Anthony dollar! And that’s back then — when the coin was still in production and being heavily promoted by the United States Mint and U.S. Treasury.

Oh well… At any rate, millions upon millions were made, and those that have appeared in circulation (aka “circulated”) are especially common.

1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin Values

Now, let’s see how much your 1980 dollar coin is worth…

1980-P Dollar Coin Value

The 1980 Susan B. Anthony dollar with a “P” mint stamp letter (mintmark) was struck to the tune of 27,610,000 pieces at the Philadelphia Mint. These coins were entered into circulation, and many Susan B. Anthony dollars that do turn up in spare change were made in 1980.

  • Since these coins are so common, the 1980-P dollar coin is worth only face value ($1) if worn.
  • Uncirculated specimens are typically worth $1.50 to $3.
  • The most valuable 1980-P dollar coin is one that was graded MS-68 by Professional Coin Grading Service. It fetched $4,600 in a 2008 sale!

1980-D Dollar Coin Value

Did you find a 1980 dollar coin with a “D” mintmark?

The 1980-D Susan B. Anthony dollar is a common coin with a mintage of 41,628,708.

  • If yours is a worn 1980-D dollar coin, then it’s worth only face value ($1).
  • If yours is an uncirculated 1980-D dollar coin, then it’s worth between $1.50 and $3.
  • The most valuable 1980-D dollar coin was graded MS-67 by Professional Coin Grading Service and sold for $898.88 in 2022.

1980-S Dollar Coin Value

The 1980 dollar coin with an “S” mintmark letter is another common coin. A total of 20,422,000 of these coins were struck at the San Francisco Mint.

There are two kinds of 1980-S Susan B. Anthony dollars — one that was struck for circulation (to be spent as money) and one that was made for collectors (also known as proof coins, see below).

Chances are if you find a 1980-S dollar coin in your pocket change, it’s the kind that was minted for circulation. This is known as a business strike coin. The kind of 1980-S dollar coin that was made for collectors is likely to be very shiny. (More about these below.)

  • A 1980-S dollar coin is worth its face value of $1 if worn (“circulated”).
  • In uncirculated condition, a 1980-S dollar coin is worth about $1.50 to $3.
  • The most valuable 1980-S dollar coin was a really cool error. It was struck on the blank planchet for a quarter and graded MS-64 by ANACS. This coin sold for $978 in 2002.

1980-S Proof Dollar Coin Value

The 1980-S proof dollar coin was made at the San Francisco Mint just for collectors.

It was made using highly polished blanks that were struck by specially prepared dies on high-tonnage presses. This created an especially resilient coin with deep, mirrorlike fields (flat surfaces) and frosted devices (raised elements, like the design and lettering).

Unlike the multi-variety 1979-S and 1981-S proof dollars, there are no 1980 Type I and Type II varieties. All 1980-S proof dollar coins are classified the same by collectors.

The San Francisco Mint struck 3,554,806 proof dollar coins in 1980.

Rare 1980 Dollar Coin Errors & Varieties You Can Find In Spare Change

Some of the most valuable Susan B. Anthony dollar coins are errors and varieties. These are worth big bucks!

Granted, not all 1980 dollar coins with errors are worth enough to pay off your mortgage, but they can go for multiples of what “regular” versions of those same coins take in the marketplace.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular (and most valuable) 1980 Susan B. Anthony dollar coin errors and varieties:

1980-S Proof Dollar Coin With A Repunched Mintmark

One of the most important varieties among 1980 Susan B. Anthony dollars is the 1980-S repunched mintmark, which shows traces of the previous “S” mintmark to the lower left of the primary mintmark.

Market pricing is tough to nail down with this coin — because so few examples actually trade on the marketplace. However, some places list it for as little as $10 to $20, and others list it for more than $100.

1980 Broadstrike Dollar Coin Error

When a coin isn’t struck within its retaining collar, it tends to be flatter and wider than normal. And when coins like the Susan B. Anthony dollar, which is supposed to have grooves of lines on the edge (also known as reeding), are broadstrikes, they will have smooth edges.

A 1980 Susan B. Anthony dollar with a smooth edge (and no grooves, lines, or reeding) and that is wider than normal is a broadstrike error.

This error coin is likely worth between $50 and $100.

1980 Off-Center Dollar Coin Error

An off-center Susan B. Anthony dollar is a rare coin. Therefore, finding one that’s even only 10% or 20% off-center can be a real challenge!

A 1980 off-center Susan B. Anthony dollar is worth anywhere from $200 to $300. The highest values are given for examples that are about 50% off center but still show a complete date.

1980 Multiple-Strike Dollar Coin Error

A few 1980 dollar coins were struck multiple times, leading to an error that is aptly known as the multiple strike.

These tend to show the dollar design repeated at different angles, and they can be really quite drastic looking!

Values for an error like this range from $400 to $600.

1980 Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin Errors Worth Money!

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