Blue Ikes & Brown Ikes: How Many Were Made? What Are These Eisenhower Dollar Coins Worth?


Blue Ikes and brown Ikes – different types of Eisenhower dollars – have been the darlings of many modern dollar coin collectors since the release of these 2 coins in 1971.That was the year that the United States Mint released the first dollar coins since the Peace dollar series ceased production in 1935.However, unlike silver dollars of yesteryear, regular-strike Eisenhower dollars contain no silver at all.That is where blue Ikes and brown Ikes come in. … [Read more...]

How To Collect The Kennedy Half Dollar

kennedy half dollar

The Kennedy half dollar is perhaps one of the most famous coins today, though its birth had a terribly unfortunate cause, and that was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.Ever since the first Kennedy half dollars rolled off the United States Mint presses in 1964, the coin has been immensely popular.In fact, widespread hoarding of the coin in the mid-1960s by individuals who wanted a memento of the fallen president is believed by many … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Low Ball Coins Should Be High On Your Coin Wish List

low ball coins

Have you ever found a coin in your pocket change that was so worn you could barely even tell what date was on it? These types of coins have received so much wear that they are almost worn smooth, and while many coin collectors avoid buying or keeping these so-called low ball coins, some actually do seek them for their collections.What is the appeal of collecting coins in such low grades, you may ask?#1 - They are dirt cheap as compared to similar types of coins that are in much higher … [Read more...]

Junk Coins: Perfect For Investors And Collectors On A Budget

junk coins

Have you ever heard about junk silver coins and are curious what they are? If so, you may have wondered if they are even worth collecting, given the fact they are referred to as “junk.”Well, in fact, junk is largely a relative term. In numismatics, “junk” is in the eye of the beholder, as one person’s trash is another’s treasure.A junk coin, usually, is a piece that is of a lower wear-based grade than considered “collectible” for a certain coin type. Say, for example, a Roosevelt dime in … [Read more...]

Have a Silver Penny That’s NOT a 1943 Steel Cent? Here’s How to Find Out What You Have

silver penny

A lot of people leaving comments here at The Fun Times Guide to Coins have been asking me about their silver pennies.Of course, many of these silver one-cent coins are 1943 pennies, which really aren’t silver pennies. They're actually made with zinc-coated steel.However, many of these inquiries about silver pennies have nothing to do with 1943 Lincoln cents or even the highly rare 1944 steel cent (a mint error caused by leftover steel coin blanks getting accidentally getting stamped with … [Read more...]

What’s the Most Expensive Coin Ever Sold?


Did you hear about the 1794 United States silver dollar that auctioned for more than $10 million in January 2013?Now the most expensive coin ever sold, the 1794 Flowing Hair dollar was the first silver dollar ever officially minted in the United States. A coin that most collectors (including myself) would have loved to place a bid on, the specimen that sold for $10 million is considered by several consummate numismatists to have been among the first very few made, if not actually the first … [Read more...]

Six Fun Facts About Sixpence Coins

sixpence coins

For many, sixpence coins are more well known as a part of cultural lore than as a once-important part of the British pre-decimal monetary system, as well as that of several other nations, including Colonial America. So, for being a being a somewhat diminutive 19 millimeters, about the size of a United States one-cent coin, sixpence coins certainly have an incredible large presence in history.During most of their production, sixpence coins were struck with a 92.5 percent silver composition, … [Read more...]

Historic Values of Morgan Silver Dollars

morgan dollars values

There is probably no more popular a coin series than the Morgan dollar. United States Morgan silver dollars were first minted in 1878 and remained a regular entry in United States coinage circulation until the last of these giant silver coins was produced in 1921.Designed by George T. Morgan, this famous dollar coin features a large bust of a woman representing Miss Liberty. The design itself being modeled after Anna Willess Williams, who sat for Morgan and whose face has been immortalized … [Read more...]