Have You Noticed What’s REALLY On The 50 State Quarters? Some Surprising Findings


The United States Mint's 50 State quarters program, which ran from 1999 through 2008, was perhaps the most popular commemorative coin series the nation has ever fielded. As I look back at the 50 different reverse designs that grace the U.S. 50 state quarters -- which honored each state in the order that they entered the Union -- I think of all the different artistic topic matter the coins cover. That's just one reason why I think a 50 state quarter set is so beautiful. … [Read more...]

New 2012 Coins from the United States Mint Commemorate an Iconic American Hymn, National Parks, and More

The selection of 2012 coins from the United States Mint include commemoratives honoring the bicentennial of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. Image courtesy the United States Mint.

The United States Mint’s field of 2012 coins offers a wide array of beautiful designs paying homage to our nation’s historic figures, points of interest, and culture. As in previous recent years, coin collectors again get to choose from several designs honoring our country’s past presidents and national parks, but there is a new offering adding a more lyrical touch to the wide selection of coins, and a dollar coin that you’ll be chomping at the bit to buy.   2012 America the … [Read more...]

Enormous Silver America The Beautiful Quarters Make Huge Debut

In 2010, America the Beautiful quarters made their debut. After much anticipation in the numismatic community, 5-ounce silver versions of the America the Beautiful quarters have finally been released. Here's the inside scoop on these large, silver America the Beautiful quarters and how you can get one (or more!)   … [Read more...]

New 2011 First Spouse Gold Coins

The 5th year of the First Spouse gold coins series has begun. First Spouse gold coins honor the wives of each of the presidents featured in the Presidential $1 coin series. The half-ounce gold coins in the First Spouse series are released throughout each year.   … [Read more...]

2011 Presidential Dollar Coins

The Presidential $1 coin series rolls on to its fifth year. In 2011, Presidential dollar coins will be featuring the famous faces of 4 more commander-in-chiefs who led our country in decades past. The presidents on 2011's dollar coins governed from the mid-1860s to the early-1880s, meaning that the series that began with a portrait of our first president, George Washington, has now reached past the Civil War years and is marching toward the era of electric light bulbs and telephones.   … [Read more...]

2011 Proof Sets Offer Variety For Every Coin Collector

2011 is bringing a variety of United States Mint proof sets to coin collectors. With silver proof sets, copper-nickel clad proof sets, and commemorative proof sets, there are plenty of options when it comes to buying examples of 2011 United States coins. Let's take a look at all the shimmering details of what numismatists have to look forward to this year.   … [Read more...]

2011 Native American Gold Dollar Coin

With the Presidential $1 coin series in full tilt and now entering its 5th year, the changing designs on the Native American dollars also continue forth. 2011 marks the 3rd year the United States Mint has been honoring Native American history and culture on the dollar coin.   … [Read more...]

2011 National Park Quarter Designs

The new 2011 quarter designs have been announced, and they'll soon be turning up in pockets and purses in your neck of the woods. National Park quarters, otherwise called America The Beautiful quarters, comprise an 11-year series honoring national parks and landmarks in each of the 50 states. The series began in 2010 and should continue on through 2021. Let's take a look at the 5 coins that'll be made in 2011.   … [Read more...]

New James Buchanan $1 Coin & Buchanan’s Liberty First Spouse Set Released September 23


The United States Mint has announced it will release the James Buchanan Presidential $1 coin and First Spouse medal set on September 23. While most of our presidents have had a first spouse while in office, James Buchanan didn't. So the U.S. Mint is pairing up his coin with a 'First Spouse' medal called Buchanan's Liberty -- it features a design of Miss Liberty as she appeared on the Quarter Eagle ($2.50) gold coin during Buchanan's presidency. The James Buchanan $1 coin and First … [Read more...]

New Quarter Featuring The Grand Canyon Released Fall 2010


The United States Mint is going to get the fall season started with another new quarter! The Grand Canyon quarter will be released September 21. A ceremony will be held on the South Rim on that date to officially mark the release of the new quarter. Be sure to start checking your pocket change for the Grand Canyon quarter, because it should start turning up by the middle of fall. Proof sets and uncirculated coin sets offered by the U.S. Mint are another way to be sure you have an example … [Read more...]