See Why The 1911-S Lincoln Wheat Penny Might Become A Future Key Date (Rare) Coin

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wheat-cent-photo-by-joshua.JPG You’ve probably heard about the rare Lincoln wheat cents that many coin collectors call key dates.

The most popular Lincoln penny key dates are:

  • 1909-S VDB
  • 1909-S
  • 1914-D
  • 1922 plain
  • 1931-S

Well, hold on…

It looks like there may be another Lincoln wheat cent that could someday be considered among the rare U.S. coins referred to as key dates:

It’s the 1911-S penny!

Why may the 1911-S cent someday be classified as a key date, you ask?

Consider this:

  • Only a little more than 4 million 1911-S Lincoln cents were made.
  • The retail price for a 1911-S in Good has increased over the years to almost $50.
  • Every coin collector needs a 1911-S Lincoln penny to complete a Lincoln cent collection.

While this in no way suggests values for a 1911-S penny are guaranteed to go up soon, what this does mean is that the list of the Lincoln cents coin collectors consider as ‘key dates’ may eventually expand to include the 1911-S.

Realistically, there is not a lot of excitement surrounding the 1911-S. It is simply a good value as it’s a lower mintage Lincoln cent that came very close to being one of the key Lincoln cents. Keep an eye on it, though, because it has the potential to enter a very strong period.  Source

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