Elongated Pennies: Squashed Coins With Fun Designs

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Have you ever heard of an elongated penny? 

Chances are you may have actually made one if you’ve ever visited a tourist hot spot or roadside attraction.

An elongated penny is simply a penny that has been squashed in a machine, producing a design on the coin and making the coin oval shaped and longer than it used to be.

Elongated pennies have been popular since the 1893 Columbian Exposition and, since then, have been made into hundreds of designs.

Elongated coins are fun to collect and, often, don’t cost much either to make or buy. There is even a museum dedicated to elongated pennies.

It is common for an elongated penny to cost no more than $1 to make in person. Many older elongated pennies can be bought for less than $5 or $10 from a elongated penny dealer.

Elongated pennies typically fall into the realm of coin collecting called exonumia, or novelty coin collecting.

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