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Learning Numismatic And Coin Collecting Terminology

oxford-dictionary-read-during-picnic-photo-by-rev-stan.jpg Numismatic? Planchet? Doubled-die?

What in the world do those coin collecting terms mean?

While seasoned collectors throw around these words every day (and know what they are talking about, too!), new coin collectors and non-collectors usually have no clue what some of these words actually mean.

Thankfully, there are plenty of good coin collecting glossaries available that wi;l have you talking like a professional numismatist in no time.

Okay, so the first word you want to learn about is the one that I keep using, right?

No worries.

Numismatics is the study of coins.

To be a bona fide numismatist, it is generally true that you have to be more than simply a casual coin collector. You have to be somebody who takes some time to learn about coins, investing some bit of time and interest in learning about and studying coins and issues related to coins.