See Why 2023 Nickels Are Worth Collecting (All 2023 Nickel Values)

by Joshua

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I’m a fan of the 2023 Jefferson nickel. In fact, I love Jefferson nickels in general…

These little five-cent coins don’t get the attention they deserve. Such is the case with the 2023 nickel.

For some reason, the Jefferson nickel just doesn’t seem to get the kind of attention that Lincoln pennies and Washington quarters receive.

I think it may be because there aren’t as many rare key dates and well-known varieties among Jefferson nickels as there are for other coin series. But this doesn’t mean the Jefferson nickel is any less worthy as a collectible.

Think of it this way…

The smaller number of collectors chasing Jefferson nickels means less competition for these coins! And this translates to relatively more affordable prices for many decidedly scarce Jefferson nickels.

Now, I’m not going to suggest that the 2023 Jefferson nickel is some kind of highly valuable and rare coin. Because as of this writing it isn’t. But, as I’m going to explain, it’s a coin that can be worth more than face value — if you know what you’re looking for.

Find out which 2023 nickels are worth more than five cents today… and why.

Is The 2023 Nickel A Valuable Coin?

Take a look at a 2023 Jefferson nickel and you may find it looks a bit different from the older Jefferson nickels that you may recall from years past.

When the Jefferson nickel debuted in 1938, it carried a side profile of President Thomas Jefferson on the “heads side” (obverse) and an elevational view of Jefferson’s home, Monticello, on the “tail’s side” (reverse). Both of these designs were created by sculptor Felix Schlag. The design on the Jefferson nickel remained virtually unchanged until 2004.

The Westward Journey commemorative nickels were in production from 2004 through 2005, and they had changing designs that honor Meriweather Lewis and William Clark — who explored the United States land that was newly acquired in the Louisiana Purchase.

After its absence from the coin, Monticello returned to the Jefferson nickel in 2006. But the side-view portrait of Thomas Jefferson designed by Schlag was no longer there. It was replaced by a new front-facing portrait of Thomas Jefferson designed by James Franki and seen on the 2023 nickel.

So, does that make 2023 nickels more valuable?

No, it’s not the “new” Thomas Jefferson design on 2023 nickels that makes some of them valuable today.

Here’s what you need to know about valuable 2023 nickels…

How Much Is A 2023 Nickel Worth Today?

The truth is, if you have any worn 2023 nickels, you can safely spend them. That’s because most circulated 2023 nickels are worth only their face value of 5 cents.

After all, millions upon millions of 2023 Jefferson nickels were struck for circulation by the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. That year, each mint placed its “P” (for Philadelphia) or “D” (for Denver) mintmark underneath the date on the obverse of each nickel it produced.

The bottom line? The 2023 nickel with a “P” mintmark or a “D” mintmark in worn (circulated) condition is not a rare coin — not by any stretch of the imagination.

But here’s the good news: There are a few kinds of 2023 nickels you should be looking for.

Let’s start with uncirculated 2023 nickels, which are worth good money.

If you happen to find a 2023-P nickel or 2023-D nickel in uncirculated condition, you’ll want to save it. These coins are currently worth 20 to 30 cents — substantially more than their face value of five cents.

And if you find a 2023 Full Steps Jefferson nickel, hang onto that for sure!

You can determine if you have a Full Steps Jefferson nickel by counting the number of visible, fully struck and uninterrupted steps on Monticello.

As a collector of coins, you will need a coin magnifier and a copy of the U.S. Coin Grading Standards book. These are the two best tools that will help you determine the value of all your U.S. coins.

If you see 5 or 6 complete steps on Monticello (without any weakness, breaks, or other detractions on the steps), then you are likely in possession of a Full Steps Jefferson nickel.

The only other qualifier is that the coin must be uncirculated. A worn Jefferson nickel cannot, by most grading definitions, be labeled a Full Steps coin. After all, surface wear will interrupt the step detail.

A 2023 Full Steps Jefferson nickel can be worth $25 to $100… or more. (The higher values are for pieces grading Mint State-66 or better.)

What About 2023 Proof Nickels?

The San Francisco Mint struck proof 2023 Jefferson nickels and sold these directly to coin collectors in special packaging.

Beyond their distinctive “S” mintmark, the proof nickels are differentiated from their more typical business strikes from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints by their outstanding surface quality.

A modern proof coin is struck using highly polished blanks that are struck at least twice by specially prepared dies on high-tonnage coin presses. This results in coins with stunning, mirror-like surfaces and frosted designs and lettering. Every single detail pops on a proof coin.

The 2023-S proof nickels aren’t necessarily rare, as tens of thousands were struck. But they are worth $3 to $5 apiece.

Proof versions of 2023 nickels can be bought from many coin dealers who specialize in United States coins.

A List Of 2023 Nickel Errors To Look For

If you’ve found a 2023 nickel with something unusual on it, there’s a chance it could be a valuable error or variety. The operative word here is “chance.”

It is my experience that most coins with things that people suspect (or, more likely, “hope”) are errors actually turn out to simply have post-mint damage. Those types of things are not legit errors that make a coin more valuable.

However, there are some really cool and valuable 2023 error nickels out there. And you could possibly find these 2023 error nickels in your pocket change today:

  • 2023 Off-Center Nickel Off-center strikes are one of my favorite kind of coin errors, because there are all kinds out there and some are quite valuable. In the case of the 2023 nickel, your best bet is to find one that is somewhere between 5% and 10% off center — these can bring as much as $25 to $30. The more elusive kinds are about 50% off center yet show a complete date — these can sell for $150 or more!
  • 2023 Clipped Planchet Nickel — A clipped planchet is a mistake that happens when the coin blanks are being cut from a long sheet of metal. Clipped planchet nickels can sell for $50 to $100, with higher values for nickels missing more of their metal.
  • 2023 Doubled Die Nickel — Some valuable 2023 doubled die nickels have been found! Various types were discovered, with some showing more prominent doubling than others. Many of these valuable 2023 nickel error coins are selling for $5 to $10 each.

Do you have a 2023 nickel? Think there may be something unique about it? Post a picture of your nickel in the comments below and I’ll try to help!

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