Are Any 2023 Dimes Worth More Than Face Value?

by Joshua

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I found a 2023 dime this morning in the grocery store parking lot.

It was just sitting there, small, bright, and shiny, greeting me heads up as I walked across the asphalt.

I couldn’t help but smile, seeing this little 2023 Roosevelt dime smiling back at me. Well, really it was the familiar portrait Franklin Delano Roosevelt (designed by John R. Sinnock and first used on the dime in 1946) smiling at me. But you get the gist…

How Much Is A 2023 Dime Worth Today?

You’re probably wondering how to tell valuable 2023 dimes apart from those that are only worth face value.

The two key questions you need to answer when determining if your 2023 dime is worth more than 10 cents are:

  • Is your 2023 dime worn? If it is, then it’s likely worth just 10 cents.
  • Does your 2023 dime have an error or variety? If so, it may be worth more than face value – yes, even if it is worn.

So, the bottom line is if you found a 2023 dime in your pocket change and it has wear, then it’s probably safe to spend at face value.

That’s the case with the 2023-P dime that I found in the parking lot. Its rim was a bit chewed up by laying on the asphalt and probably being run over by a car or two. So, because of the surface damage, it’s worth just face value. But it’s still pretty cool to find a shiny dime heads up like that.

As a collector of coins, you should have a coin magnifier and a copy of the U.S. Coin Grading Standards book. These are the two best tools that will help you determine the value of all your U.S. coins.

But what if your 2023 dime is not worn? What if it appears to have an error? What if it has something else unusual going on with it?…

Why Are Some 2023 Dimes Worth More Than Face Value?

Millions of 2023 dimes were struck by the United States Mint, so they really aren’t rare.

The Philadelphia Mint produced 2023 dimes with the “P” mintmark above the date on the obverse (“heads side”).

The Denver Mint struck 2023 dimes with a “D mintmark” in the same location — just atop the dime’s date.

Other mints that strike coins these days are the San Francisco (S) and West Point (W) Mints, though new coins from those two United States Mint branch locations are generally harder to find in circulation.

Whether you have a 2023-P dime or 2023-D dime, if it is in uncirculated condition (showing absolutely no signs of wear), then it is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 50 cents.

These dimes are sure to become more valuable over time — so hold onto it!

Are There Any 2023 Silver Dimes?

Yes… Believe it or not, there are some 2023 silver dimes out there! But you’re not necessarily going to find them in your loose change.

The United States Mint has been making silver versions of some modern circulating coins for decades now.

The U.S. Mint struck some 2023 silver dimes for coin collectors and sold them in proof sets.

In case you’re not aware, proof coins are carefully made using highly polished blanks (known as planchets) that are intentionally struck multiple times by specially prepared dies. This painstaking process ensures that proof coins reveal even the most minute details with exceptional quality.

The 2023-S proof silver dime was made with 99.9%-fine silver and sold in various types of proof sets by the U.S. Mint.

There is also a 2023-S copper-nickel clad dime that was sold in proof sets.

How Much Are 2023 Silver Dimes Worth?

The 2023-S silver proof dimes are generally worth $5 to $10 apiece and can be bought from a coin dealer.

The 2023-S clad proof dime is worth around $5, and some coin dealers sell these coins individually.

That’s great if you’re building a set of Roosevelt dimes and want the proof versions without having to lay money out for the entire proof set!

A List Of 2023 Error Dimes You Might Find

I’m always careful advising about error coin values…

There truly are some valuable errors and varieties out there, but you’ve got to be very lucky.

The truth is valuable 2023 error dimes worth a lot of money are extremely rare. If you’re prepared to search for a long time, then go for it. You legitimately can find some valuable 2023 dime errors these days. Just remember… you could find something valuable, but don’t get your hopes up thinking every 2023 dime you find that looks a little odd is an error.

Why do I lead this section of the article with such a disclaimer?

Because I don’t want to hype up valuable 2023 dime errors too much only to let you down if you end up not finding any. Most “errors” people report to me end up just being post-mint damage with no additional value.

You’re not going to turn up million-dollar coins under your couch cushions, unlike what some sites may lead you to believe. But you do have a fair chance of finding some really cool 2023 dime errors if you spend time searching for them in your spare change and in coin rolls!

Here are a few legit 2023 dime errors you could find today and how much they’re worth:

2023 Off-Center Dime Error

Off-center errors are cool errors that are created when the coin isn’t seated squarely on the striking press or the dies are out of proper alignment.

Depending on how much of the design is missing, your 2023 off-center dime could be worth $10 to $25 if it’s 5% to 20% off center.

Find one that’s about 50% off center and has a complete date? That could easily be worth more than $150!

2023 Die Crack Dime Error

Die cracks form when the die that strikes the coin begins showing signs of stress and wear. Mint employees usually keep a close eye on the condition of the dies and swap them out with new ones when need be. But sometimes die cracks go unnoticed for a bit, and these can result in the formation of raised lines on coins struck by cracked dies.

Die cracks can be quite collectible and valuable, especially when they are pronounced or produce weird designs on the coin. A typical die crack coin is worth in the range of $5 to $10, but some can be worth much more if particularly large or notable.

2023 Missing Clad Layer Dime Error

This is an especially scarce type of error in which the silvery-colored outer layer of the clad dime is missing. The most outward difference you’re looking for here is a dime that appears coppery in color. Unfortunately, the majority of coins people think are missing clad layers are simply discolored and toned. One critical way to differentiate a missing clad dime from a discolored dime is to weigh it.

Need a coin scale? These are the best scales for weighing U.S. coins.

A typical clad dime weighs about 2.27 grams, whereas one that is missing one side of its clad layer comes in at about 1.8 grams to 1.9 grams. A word of advice? Weigh your coins using a gram scale that represents weights in increments of at least 1/10th of a gram. A scale that only rounds to the nearest gram will often produce false positives in cases like this — mistakenly leading you to believe you have an error.

Getting the right coin scale is worth it. In this case, it could help you correctly identify a 2023 missing clad layer dime error worth $100 to $200!

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Do you have a 2023 dime? Think there may be something unique about it? Post a picture of your dime in the comments below and I’ll try to help!

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