Some 1995 Washington Quarters Are Worth $3,500! Find Out If You Have One…

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It’s true that some 1995 quarters are worth more than face value… way more!

But how would you know if you had a rare and valuable 1995 quarter versus one that’s worth only 25 cents?

In this article, you will learn exactly what you should be looking for when deciding whether or not you have a 1995 quarter worth holding on to!

Fun Facts About 1995 Quarters

The 1995 quarter was designed by John Flanagan — who crafted the likenesses of first United States President George Washington on the obverse (“heads side”) and the heraldic eagle on the reverse (“tails side”) of the quarter in 1932.

The design remained basically the same through 1998, with the exception of the 1776-1976 Bicentennial design quarters in 1975 and 1976.

Where Is The Mintmark On A 1995 Quarter?

All 1995 Washington quarters are supposed to carry a mint letter stamp, or mintmark. The mintmark indicates which U.S. Mint facility made the coin.

Every 1995 quarter should have one of the following mintmarks:

  • P — Philadelphia Mint
  • D — Denver Mint
  • S — San Francisco Mint

The mintmark on a 1995 quarter appears on the obverse of the coin — just to the right of the bow in George Washington’s ponytail.

Are There Any 1995 Silver Quarters?

Yes, the U.S. Mint did make 1995 silver quarters.

However, they weren’t made for circulation. They were struck for collectors and sold in special sets of coins.

We’ll talk more about this below. For now, keep your eyes peeled for any 1995-S quarters (the ones with the San Francisco mintmark) that are heavier than a typical clad quarter.

How Much Does A 1994 Quarter Weigh?

Silver quarters weigh more than clad quarters:

  • 1995 clad quarter weight: 5.67 grams
  • 1995 silver quarter weight: 6.25 grams

The weights listed above are the United States government’s weight specifications for 1995 quarters.

However, the government also provides for something called tolerances, or the amount more or less than those figures that are considered within legal guidelines:

  • Clad quarter weight tolerances are plus or minus .227 grams. So, an uncirculated 1995 clad quarter could weigh as little as 5.44 grams or as much as 5.90 grams.
  • Silver quarter tolerances are a little tighter at plus or minus .195 grams. A new silver 1995 quarter might weigh as much as 6.45 grams or as little as about 6.06 grams.

This doesn’t even account for coins that weigh less due to normal wear.

So, before you get too excited about possibly having an error on your hands because your coin doesn’t weigh exactly what the commonly published specs say, make sure your coin is still within tolerances or hasn’t lost weight due to wear.

Do you have a coin scale? Here are the best scales for weighing U.S. coins. (You might also want to grab a coin magnifier to get a better look at your coins, close up.) 

Are 1995 Quarters Rare?

No — most 1995 quarters are neither valuable, nor rare.

In fact, the vast majority of 1995 quarters that you find in spare change are worth their face value of only 25 cents.

But take heart… some 1995 quarters are in fact worth a lot of money! Those are the 1995 error quarters. More about valuable 1995 quarter errors in a minute…

How Much Is A 1995 Quarter Worth?

Now let’s look at the value of all types of 1995 quarters…

1995-P Quarter Value

The Philadelphia Mint stuck more than a billion (yes, a billion!) quarters in 1995. The exact mintage was 1,004,336,000. I don’t need to tell you that’s a lot! Thus, these 1995-P quarters are extremely common in the absolute sense.

  • The typical, run-of-the-mill worn 1995-P quarter that you pull out of pocket change is worth only 25 cents.
  • Uncirculated 1995-P quarters are usually worth $1 to $3 each.
  • The most valuable 1995-P quarter was graded Mint State-68 by Professional Coin Grading Service and fetched an incredible $3,600 in a 2019 auction.

1995-D Quarter Value

Think a billion quarters is a lot? Well, the Denver Mint struck even more 1995 quarters than Philly did. That’s right… The Denver Mint churned out some 1,103,216,000 quarters. So, the typical 1995-D quarter isn’t rare at all, and is actually quite common.

Most 1995-D quarters with typical circulation wear are worth their face value of 25 cents.

Uncirculated 1995-D quarters usually go for $1 to $3 apiece.

The most valuable 1995-D quarter was graded Mint State-67+ by Professional Coin Grading Service and notched $1,293 in a 2017 auction.

1995-S Quarter Value

Looking for 1995-S quarters in circulation? Good luck with that… The San Francisco Mint didn’t make any S-mintmarked quarters for circulation in 1995. None, zilch, zero! So why were any 1995-S quarters made if they didn’t officially enter circulation?

All 1995-S quarters were struck as proof coins for collectors. They were sold in sets directly to the public.

Proofs are made using highly polished blanks (or planchets) and struck at least twice by specially prepared dies on high-tonnage presses to help ensure that every detail comes up. Proof coins represent some of the very best minting technology around.

There are two kinds of 1995-S proofs — the clads and the silver ones (mentioned earlier in this article).

  • 1995-S clad proofs — 2,010,384 were struck, and they’re worth $3 to $5
  • 1995-S silver proofs — 838,953 minted, and they’re worth $5 to $10

The most valuable 1995-S clad proof quarter was graded Proof-70 Deep Cameo by Professional Coin Grading Service and sold for $380 in 2003.

The most valuable 1995-S silver proof quarter was also graded Proof-70 Deep Cameo by Professional Coin Grading Service and sold for $386 in 2007.

1995 Error Quarter Values

Some of the most valuable 1995 quarters aren’t the perfect ones, but rather the imperfect strikes.

Errors and varieties are certainly interesting collectibles, and some 1995 quarters bearing these curiosities have traded hands for big bucks!

Let’s look at what some of these 1995 error quarters are worth:

  • 1995 quarter struck on wrong planchet error — Typically worth $150 to $500, these crazy 1995 quarter errors are really hot. Coins struck on the wrong planchet look really odd. One example struck on a dime planchet sold for $646 at auction.
  • 1995 doubled die quarter error — There are known doubled dies on 1995 quarters, but these are pretty rare and don’t have much marketplace history yet. Some 1995 doubled die error quarters easily take $50 to $100 if offered for sale… maybe even more.
  • 1995 off-center quarter error — Values for these coins range on how much of the design is missing and whether or not the date is completely visible. Many of these off-center errors are worth $30 to $50. A 1995 off-center error quarter that is around 50% off center and shows a complete date could go for over $250.
Do you have a RARE 1995 ERROR QUARTER Worth Money?

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