What’s the Most Expensive Coin Ever Sold?


Did you hear about the 1794 United States silver dollar that auctioned for more than $10 million in January 2013?Now the most expensive coin ever sold, the 1794 Flowing Hair dollar was the first silver dollar ever officially minted in the United States. A coin that most collectors (including myself) would have loved to place a bid on, the specimen that sold for $10 million is considered by several consummate numismatists to have been among the first very few made, if not actually the first … [Read more...]

What’s the Value of Wheat Pennies? Find Out How Much Yours are Worth!

value of wheat pennies

“What’s the value of my wheat pennies?” – that’s the main question I keep getting here at The Fun Times Guide to Coins, and I’m glad this is so, because Lincoln cents have long been my specialty. In fact, that’s the first coin I ever collected and the coin that I to this day still focus my coin collecting efforts on.When I was a new coin collector I, too, used to wonder what the value of wheat pennies was, simply because they’re obsolete coins that by the very nature of their being old were … [Read more...]

Getting A Coin Appraisal: Tips for Finding Out the Values of Your Coins

coin appraisal

I get many inquiries on coin appraisal from the countless readers here at The Fun Times Guide to Coins, and I am always glad to answer the many questions received every day in the comments forum. Please keep it up, everyone!Now, as for learning more about the value of your coins, you’ve come to the right place. I specialize in 20th century coins, but have dedicated much of my numismatic research time to many other areas of coin collecting, including 19th century coins and gold coins, as well … [Read more...]

Historic Values of Morgan Silver Dollars

morgan dollars values

There is probably no more popular a coin series than the Morgan dollar. United States Morgan silver dollars were first minted in 1878 and remained a regular entry in United States coinage circulation until the last of these giant silver coins was produced in 1921.Designed by George T. Morgan, this famous dollar coin features a large bust of a woman representing Miss Liberty. The design itself being modeled after Anna Willess Williams, who sat for Morgan and whose face has been immortalized … [Read more...]

Historic Values of Walking Liberty Half Dollars


Considered one of the most beautiful coins of all time, the Walking Liberty half dollar was designed Adolph A. Weinman in 1916.The Walking Liberty half dollar features an obverse image of Miss Liberty with her right arm outstretched in peace as she strides toward the rising sun; the reverse design depicts an American bald eagle perched upon a large olive branch.Walking Liberty half dollars are popularly collected both as a complete set of coins and as a type coin, and are desired by both … [Read more...]

Historic Values for Barber Half Dollars

values Barber Half Dollars

The Liberty Head half dollar, better known as the Barber half dollar, was first minted in 1892.Designed by Charles E. Barber who was then the chief engraver, the Barber half dollar has long been popular as both a type coin and as a coin collected by date and mintmark within a series.The series ended in 1915, and over the course of 23 years several scarce, and even rare, dates were minted. Many of these scarce dates have long been recognized by coin collectors as “tough” dates, especially … [Read more...]

Historic Values of Standing Liberty Quarters

standing liberty quarter historic values

Hermon A. MacNeil’s Standing Liberty design graced United States quarter dollar coins from 1916 to 1930.Replacing the Barber quarter and preceding the famous Washington quarter that would being production in 1932, Standing Liberty quarter production spanned from World I until the Great Depression.Tens of millions of Standing Liberty quarters were made, but for various reasons, it seems few non-coin collectors know much about this beautiful coin series.Part of that may be due to the … [Read more...]

Historic Values of Barber Quarters


The Barber quarter, also called the Liberty Head Quarter, saw its heyday during the turn of the 20th century.Designed by Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint Charles E. Barber, it was one of 3 coins bearing a similar design (the other 2 being the Barber dime and the Barber half dollar) and was first struck in 1892.The Barber quarter is highly popular as a type coin but is also perfect for those who want to build a challenging date-and-mintmark series collection.Even though the last Barber … [Read more...]

Historical Values of Barber Dimes

historical values of barber dimes

The Liberty Head dime (more commonly referred to as the Barber dime) was one of several designs created by Charles E. Barber for circulating U.S. coinage during the turn of the 20th century.Today, Barber dimes and other Barber coinage are highly popular in many coin collecting circles and collected both as a type coin and a date-and-mintmark series coin.In general, Barber dimes are highly common as tens of millions were made during their 1892 to 1916 run, with a large number of these … [Read more...]

Historical Values of Jefferson Nickels

historical values Jefferson nickel

First struck in 1938, the Jefferson nickel continues to endure after more than 70 years in circulation.Replacing the Buffalo nickel which ceased production that same year, the Jefferson nickel was proposed by the United States Mint, which held a contest to find a suitable design.Felix Schlag submitted the winning design, which we see on our 5-cent coin to this day.  … [Read more...]