U.S. 2-Cent & 3-Cent Coin Values: See How Much Two-Cent Pieces (1864-1873) And Three-Cent Pieces (1851-1889) Are Worth

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Two-cent coins?

Yes, the United States had a coin at one time with a denomination of 2 cents.

And 3 cents, too!

A US 3-cent coin and US 2-cent coin.

Here are some little-known facts about the 2-cent coin and 3-cent coin — and how much they’re both worth today…


Facts About The U.S. 2-Cent Coin

The 2-cent piece is one of the shortest lived U.S. coins. It was only minted from 1864 to 1873.

The 2-cent coin is the first U.S. coin to bear the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. This was mostly due to the large increase in religious sentiment during the Civil War.

Here’s more about the history of ‘In God We Trust’ on U.S. coins.

The designer of this coin was James B. Longacre.

All 2-cent coins were minted in Philadelphia.


Today’s 2-Cent Coin Value

1864-two-cent-coin-obverse.jpg 1864-2-cent-coin-reverse.jpg

Here’s how much 2-cent coins are worth:

1873 Open 3 – $1,000 to $1,600
1873 Closed 3 – $1,200 to $1,500
1872 – $285 to $800
1871 – $28 to $160
1870 – $25 to $140
1869 – $22 to $110
1868 – $20 to $90
1867 – $18 to $65
1866 – $18 to $65
1865 – $18 to $65
1864 Large Motto – $18 to $65
1864 Small Motto – $120 to $650


Facts About The U.S. 3-Cent Coin

Another coin that most people aren’t familiar with is the 3-cent piece.

The 3-cent coin is the smallest U.S. silver coin ever minted. I’ve owned a few of these — and boy are they tiny!

See how U.S. coin sizes compare in this handy chart.

Three cent coins were minted from 1851 to 1889:

The copper-nickel version of the three cent coin was also called a 3- cent nickel.

James B. Longacre was the designer of both types of 3-cent coins.

All 3-cent pieces were struck in Philadelphia.


Today’s 3-Cent Coin Value

Here’s how much nickel U.S. 3-cent coins are worth:

1888-nickel-3-cent-coin.png 1888-nickel-3-cent-coin.jpg

1888 to 1889 – $45 to $190
1882 to 1887 $175 to $300
1881 – $15 to $55
1879 to 1880 – $60 to $180
1878 Proof – $600
1877 Proof – $1,200
1876 to 1865 – $18 to $75


Here’s how much silver U.S. 3-cent coins are worth:

1859-three-cent-coin-obverse.jpg 1859-3-cent-coin-reverse.jpg

1873 Proof – $825
1872 to 1863 – $300 to $550
1862 to 1859 – $25 to $150
1858 to 1851 – $25 to $250

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2 thoughts on “U.S. 2-Cent & 3-Cent Coin Values: See How Much Two-Cent Pieces (1864-1873) And Three-Cent Pieces (1851-1889) Are Worth”

  1. I have a coin that looks similar to the 2 Cent one above; except the back of it says ‘2 CENTESIMOS’, and the front has a weird star on it. It says: Republica Oriental Del Uruguay. 1943
    The color looks like a regular penny but worn. What is this 2-cent coin worth?
    Sorry the pictures are kid of foggy…Take my word for it though.
    If you have an answer please email me

    • thats a uruguayan coin bud “centesimos” means cents in spanish and “Republica Oriental Del Uruguay” means Republic of Uruguay next time just look it up centesimos is obviously not english also if you were confused Uruguay is a country in South America that speaks spanish


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