Best Coin Supplies For Young Collectors

The young coin collector needs a way to store their coin collection. But sometimes young collectors need supplies that are particularly suitable for their little hands, desire for fun, and tendency for mishandling. What do you buy for the young person’s coin collection? Here are some ideas.

How To Protect & Store Coins: Examples Of The 9 Best Ways To Store Your Coins

What’s the best way to store coins and keep them safe? Should you use coin holders?… Mylar protectors?… Coin albums?… Coin tubes?… Coin binders?… Air-tight holders?… Coin slabs?… or even Zip-type baggies? Here are some tips for storing the coins in your collection…

Beginner Coin Collecting Tips: Basic Items Every Coin Collector Needs

What tools and supplies do you need to start collecting? Here’s a basic guide to the top 5 things you’ll want to have, if you plan to start a coin collection.