When Is The Best Time To Sell Coins?

There is really no ‘perfect’ time to sell coins. But there ARE some very important things you can look for that will tell you if now is a good time to sell… or not! Here are the most important factors you should consider when deciding the best time to sell coins that you have. See when most people sell coins, what makes coin prices rise and fall, the best time to sell bullion coins, and an important lesson learned from Bitcoin.

Coin Roll Hunting 101: Here’s My Experience Buying Bank Rolls Of Coins At Face Value And Finding Valuable Coins + A List Of Coins You’re Most Likely To Find In Coin Rolls

I like to buy rolls of coins from the bank, then see how many valuable coins I can find in each roll. It’s called coin roll hunting. (Yes it’s a thing.) Here are some of the coins I’ve obtained for face value – simply by buying bank rolls. Also, see which coins you should be looking for in bank rolls – by denomination. My most memorable coin roll hunting adventure was the time I spent $20 on 5 rolls of nickels and 1 roll of half-dollars. I ended up finding some great silver coins, plus several old coins worth much more than face value! What valuable coins have YOU found in bank rolls?

6 Ways To Avoid Fake Gold Coin Scams (Before You Buy Gold Coins On Infomercials… Or Anywhere Else!)

Before you buy gold coins from TV infomercials (or anywhere else), I would encourage you to think twice! Gold-plated “coins” are actually tokens. They’re NOT the same as gold coins produced by the U.S. Mint, which are legal tender — with a monetary value as well as a gold value. Here’s how to avoid getting scammed by fake gold coins, tips to help you buy gold coins with confidence, and the best places to buy gold coins from.