Lady Liberty Coin Facts – The Many Faces Of Miss Liberty On U.S. Coins And The Current Value Of Those Coins

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Lady Liberty has been featured on United States coins since the 1700s.

She has appeared many different ways on U.S. coins over the decades — as social culture has changed.

Yet, the common ideology among all of the different images of Miss Liberty is the same: Lady Liberty is the symbol of human freedom and freedom of thought.

The Many Faces Of Lady Liberty On U.S. Coins

The number of stylistic changes that Miss Liberty has gone through over the years is interesting to note:

  • She has worn headdresses, caps, and crowns.
  • She has worn flowing gowns, tight blouses, and even no upper body clothing at all.
  • She has been standing, walking, and sitting.
  • She has held shields.
  • Her hair has been let down and pulled up in braids.
  • She has even donned Native American headwear.

Miss Liberty is, in every respect, a ubiquitous national icon!

You can see some of the changes to Lady Liberty on U.S. coins here:

The Value Of Coins Bearing Lady Liberty’s Image

The nation has recently seen a bit less of Miss Liberty on circulating coinage than in earlier decades.

Yet, when one thinks of U.S. coins, it is difficult not to associate those coins with at least one of many images of Lady Liberty.

She appears on virtually every United States coin that was made from 1793 through the middle 20th century.

Some of the popular Liberty coins are:

Click to view an image and fun facts about each Lady Liberty coin.

*Prices are for the lowest-valued dates from each series.

The above list features only a few of the liberty coins which have her image on them. These coins certainly show some dramatic and beautiful depictions of Lady Liberty.

Two of the most popular coins ever made (also listed above) are:

  • Walking Liberty half dollar
  • Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

In fact, you may be interested to know that the obverse designs for both of these coins now grace the silver eagle bullion coin and gold eagle bullion coins, respectively.

Talk about timeless designs!

More Lady Liberty Coin Facts

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