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Fun Ways To Collect Coins – Here, coin experts are sharing lots of fun things you can do with U.S. coins! See fun ways to find rare coins, fun ways to collect coins, fun ways to learn more about coins, and other fun ways to enjoy the hobby of coin collecting. Plus, gifts and other things that coin collectors love.

The National Money Show -- one of the biggest coin shows of all -- is in Fort Worth Texas in March.

Wooden nickels have been popular as a collectible for decades. A common type of exonumia token, wooden nickels are cheap to collect and are perfect for all types of people interested in collecting interesting tokens.

Many people believe lucky coins can help bring luck into their lives. Whether that's true or not, lucky coins are special to each of us in unique ways.

Looking for some good gift ideas for the numismatist in your life? See why I recommend the following: a coin magazine subscription, modern commemorative coins, bullion coins, slabbed coins, or a coin gift certificate.

Coins are good for much more than collecting, investing, and spending. Coins work well with many types of crafts projects, games, and even can be used as toys!

Elongated pennies are coins that have been intentionally squashed. Elongated coins are popular souvenirs from roadside stops and tourist attractions and often bear very interesting and even elaborate designs.

If you have never seen hundreds of thousands of pennies stacked into a Guinness World Record-breaking pyramid, then now is your chance to see this amazing structure! This video says it all.

See how the U.S. Mint is helping teachers and parents teach children about coin collecting.

Chances are, the experienced coin collector will appreciate receiving any of the following items as a gift. Many of these can be found online.