American Civil War Coins And Tokens As Collectibles

American Civil War memorabilia has a large following. People enjoy collecting U.S. coins, tokens, and money from the early- to mid-1860s. There are many types of Civil War coins and tokens, though certain ones have special popularity.

Why I Love Collecting Canadian Coins

Canadian coins provide a refreshing alternative to collecting U.S. coins. The wonderful images found on the reverse of most Canadian coins make collecting them a satisfying pastime.

Have You Seen The Barack Obama Coins?

There are some new coins that depict President Barack Obama. While these Barack Obama coins may be great items for the history buff, presidential student, or fan of Obama, it is important to note that these coins are NOT official legal-tender products of the United States Mint! The Barack Obama coin is purely a novelty coin.

Are Franklin Mint Coins Worth Collecting?

Wondering about the differences between Franklin Mint coins and U.S. Mint coins? Many people enjoy collecting novelty coins and medals sold through the Franklin Mint. But true coin collectors generally only purchase coins that originated from the U.S. Mint. Here’s why…