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All 1977 Silver Dollars Are Worth More Than Face Value… Up To $20,000! (See How Much Yours Are Worth)

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By Joshua

Are you curious what your 1977 Eisenhower silver dollar is worth?

You’ll be glad to know all 1977 Ike dollars are worth more than face value!

How much more?

Let’s see how much your 1977 silver dollars are worth…

Facts About 1977 Silver Dollars

The 1977 Eisenhower silver dollar was struck by the United States Mint and produced for circulation. However, the bulk of these Ike dollars didn’t reach everyday Americans. Instead, they spent time circulating in the Nevada casino circuit.

The Ike dollar carries an obverse (head’s side) portrait of Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was a decorated World War II general and two-term United States president. The reverse (tail’s side) shows the insignia of Apollo 11 — which was the NASA mission that in 1969 brought people to the Moon for the first time.

The coin was designed by Frank Gasparro, a U.S. Mint chief engraver whose other popular coins include:

While many people think 1977 Eisenhower dollar coins contain silver, this isn’t true for most of them.

In fact, the regular-issue circulating 1977 Eisenhower dollars don’t contain any silver at all. Instead, they are made from copper-nickel clad! Interestingly, Eisenhower dollars were the largest copper-nickel clad coins the U.S. Mint ever struck. They weigh about 22.68 grams each and usually show an orange or brownish band around the edge — that’s the copper.

This doesn’t mean that all 1977 Eisenhower dollar coins don’t contain silver!

There were a few 1977 Eisenhower silver dollars made as errors.

In this article, you will find:

  • The value of all 1977 Eisenhower dollar coins
  • Which features you should be looking for on your Ike dollars that signify valuable errors

First, let’s talk about 1977 Eisenhower dollar coin values…

1977 Eisenhower Dollar (No Mint Mark) Value

The 1977 Eisenhower dollar without a mintmark is worth more than face value — even if it’s circulated or worn.

The 1977 no mint mark Ike dollar is not an error coin. All 1977 dollar coins that were struck at the Philadelphia Mint do not have a mint mark — because the Philly Mint did not place a mintmark on its coinage at the time.

The 1977 Eisenhower dollar no mint mark is a common coin. A total of 12,596,000 of these coins were struck.

Here’s how much they’re worth:

In circulated grades, the 1977 Ike dollar without a mintmark is worth about $1.05 to $1.25.

In uncirculated condition, a 1977 Eisenhower dollar no mint mark is usually worth $4 to $7.

The most valuable 1977 Ike dollar ever sold was graded MS67 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and sold for $3,600 in 2021.

1977-D Dollar Coin Value

The 1977 Eisenhower dollar with the “D” mintmark was struck at the Denver Mint to the tune of 32,983,006 pieces.

That’s certainly a lot of dollar coins! Yet, you probably won’t find any just floating around in pocket change. Even back in the 1970s when Ike dollars were being struck, they were mainly used in the casino circuit.

Here’s how much they’re worth:

  • Even though these coins are common, 1977-D Ike dollars are worth more than face value — even in circulated condition. They are typically worth $1.05 to $1.25 apiece.
  • Uncirculated examples of the 1977-D Eisenhower dollar usually trade for $4 to $7 each.
  • The most valuable 1977-D Ike dollar (that’s not an error coin) was graded MS67 by Professional Coin Grading Service and sold for $7,637.50 in 2016.

1977-S Proof Silver Dollar Value

The 1977-S proof Ike dollar was made at the San Francisco Mint just for coin collectors. The 1977-S Ike dollar was sold in the 1977 proof set. This coin has a special, mirror-like surface that’s not typical of circulating coins.

How did the U.S. Mint strike these proof dollar coins?

They were made with highly polished blanks that were struck twice by specially prepared dies on high-tonnage presses to ensure every detail was visible on the coin.

The San Francisco Mint made 3,251,152 proof 1977-S dollar coins.

Here’s how much they’re worth:

Valuable 1977 Silver Dollar Errors To Look For

The rare and valuable 1977 error silver dollars are worth a lot of money!

So, what happened? How come the 1977 silver dollar was made — especially since they were supposed to be struck with a copper-nickel clad composition?

The 1977 silver dollar was accidentally struck on 40% silver planchets at the Denver Mint, soon after the run of 1976 Bicentennial silver dollars were produced.

Oddly enough, the 1976 silver dollars weren’t struck at the Denver Mint — they were produced in San Francisco. However, the Denver Mint helped prepare the silver planchets for striking in San Francisco, which is where the 1977-D connection comes into play. Apparently, a few of the 40% silver planchets were mixed up with the copper-nickel clad ones — and these were struck with 1977-D dies. Maybe 20 of these error 1977-D silver dollars exist.

How can you tell if you have a 1977-D silver dollar?

You’d have to weigh it. The 1977-D silver dollar weighs about 24.59 grams, which is around 2 grams heavier than the copper-nickel clad 1977-D dollar coin.

If you think you have a 1977-D silver Ike dollar worth big money, you should submit it for authentication by one of the major third-party coin graders.

Of course, all this effort is worth the trouble — because the 1977-D silver dollar value is off the charts. Like way off the charts! The most valuable 1977-D silver Ike dollar was graded MS63 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and fetched an astounding $21,600 in 2022. WOW!

While the 1977-D silver dollar error might be the one that a lot of people are looking for, don’t stop your search for Ike dollars with rare transitional errors like that.

There are other kinds of 1977 dollar coin errors worth money, too — including:

  • 1977 doubled die dollar errors are worth $500+
  • 1977 off-center dollar errors are worth $550+
  • 1977 dollar broadstrike / plain edge / no rim or edge lines or reeds errors are worth $100+
  • 1977 dollar die break errors are worth $50+
  • 1977 dollar brockage errors are worth $800+