2011 Presidential Dollar Coins

presidential_dollars_us_mint.jpg The Presidential $1 coin series rolls on to its fifth year.

In 2011, Presidential dollar coins will be featuring the famous faces of 4 more commander-in-chiefs who led our country in decades past.

The presidents on 2011’s dollar coins governed from the mid-1860s to the early-1880s, meaning that the series that began with a portrait of our first president, George Washington, has now reached past the Civil War years and is marching toward the era of electric light bulbs and telephones.


2011 Presidential Dollar Coins

So, what are the 4 new designs for the Presidential $1 coins in 2011? 

  • 17th President: Andrew Johnson (1865 to 1869)
  • 18th President: Ulysses S. Grant (1869 to 1877)
  • 19th President: Rutherford B. Hayes (1877 to 1881)
  • 20th President: James Garfield (1881)

The new Presidential dollar coins are being made over the course of the year. That means the United States Mint is striking a new design roughly every 3 months. The sequence of the designs is based on the order of when each president served our country.

About The New Dollar Coin Designs

Each president is being honored on the obverse (heads side) of the dollar coin. On the reverse is an image of the Statue of Liberty along with the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and $1.

On the edge of the coin are the date, mintmark, and motto E PLURIBUS UNUM.

The obverse of the coin features IN GOD WE TRUST, the sequential number of each president, the name of the president on the coin, and the year(s) the honored president served.

You may have noticed the word LIBERTY missing from Presidential dollar coins.

Because each United States coin is supposed to feature some semblance of Liberty, it’s the case that most of today’s coins have the legend inscribed somewhere prominent.

However, as a depiction of Lady Liberty is found on the reverse of the Presidential dollars, there is no need to also include an inscription bearing LIBERTY. 

What Are Presidential Dollars Worth?

If you’re like many people, you probably don’t see too many dollar coins turning up in pcoket change. You may therefore think these coins are worth more than face value.

However, as there are several million dollar coins of each design in the Presidential dollar coin series readily available, these coins are not at all scarce (there are literally tons stored away in bank vaults all across the country) and, thus, not worth more than face value if worn.

Even most mint state Presidential dollar coins are worth only nominally more than face value.

Proof Presidential $1 coins have a value of $3 to $5

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