New 2011 First Spouse Gold Coins

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first-spouse-gold-coins-united-states-mint-image.jpg The 5th year of the First Spouse gold coins series has begun.

First Spouse gold coins honor the wives of each of the presidents featured in the Presidential $1 coin series.

The half-ounce gold coins in the First Spouse series are released throughout each year.


First Spouse Gold Coins

When the Presidential $1 coin series hit pockets and purses around the country in 2007, so did the First Spouse coin series.

However, while the half-ounce gold coins on which each first spouse is featured has a face value of $10, it’s best not to spend these coins…

…After all, a half-ounce of  gold is worth approximately $650 to $700 right now!

A Look At 2011 First Spouse Gold Coins

So, what four women are being featured on the 2011 First Spouse coins? Let’s take a look…

  • Eliza Johnson (President Andrew Johnson’s wife)
  • Julia Grant (the wife of President Ulysses S. Grant’s)
  • Lucy Hayes (The first lady during President Rutherford B. Hayes’ term)
  • Lucretia Garfield (President James Garfield’s spouse)

Info About The First Spouse Coin Designs

Each First Spouse coins features an obverse portrait of the honored first lady. The reverse designs depict a scene hearkening back to the times and interests of each of the first spouses.

Let’s find out a bit more about each of these designs:

Eliza Johnson: This coin, whose obverse is designed by Joel Iskowitz and reverse contributed by Gary Whitley, captures the liveliness of the Children’s Ball, which was held in the honor of President Johnson’s 60th birthday. Three children are seen dancing to the music being played by a fiddler.

Julia Grant: Donna Weaver designed the obverse for this coin. The reverse was designed by Richard Masters and shows Ulysses S. Grant and the first spouse riding horses on Julia Grant’s family homestead.

Lucy Hayes: With an obverse designed by Susan Gamble, the reverse (a design by Barbara Fox) depicts Lucy Hayes overseeing the first White house Easter Egg Roll.

Lucretia Garfield: Barbara Fox designed this coin’s obverse, Michael Gaudioso the reverse, showing Lucretia Garfield painting.

For Those Who Can’t Afford First Spouse Coins…

Is the current $850+ price tag for each first spouse gold coin a little too much for your budget right now? 

No worries!

You can still enjoy each of the First Spouse coin designs in the form of 1-5/16 inch bronze medals.

Each First Spouse bronze medal sells for around $5 from the United States Mint. While the medals have no face value, they are a cost-effective way of collecting First Spouse coins without having to pay hundreds of dollars for each one.

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