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This Is Good To Know Before Buying Barack Obama Presidential Coins!

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By Joshua

barack-obama-presidential-coins-photo-by-it-thinks-its-people.jpg Have you seen the Barack Obama coins?

Presidential coins have long been popular with coin collectors, but Barack Obama coins were on fire saleswise back in 2008 and continue to be popular items today.

But are Barack Obama presidential coins rare and good investments?

Remember that Barack Obama coins have nothing to do with the Presidential $1 coin series and are not U.S. Mint products.

In fact, a very high number of Barack Obama coins are simply regular U.S. Mint coins — like quarters and American silver eagles painted with pictures of Obama or covered in a Barack Obama sticker.

Essentially all Barack Obama coins fall into the area of novelty coins.

Few, if any, of the Barack Obama coins are rare or even scarce because so many have been made. What’s more, it’s doubtful that any of these Barack Obama coin products will be considered good investments… at least not for many, many years.