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How Much Are Flying Eagle Pennies Worth? All Flying Eagle Cent Values (From 1856 To 1858)

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By Jay

This is one of my favorite coins. I own 8 of them.

There were only 3 years that Flying Eagle cents were minted.

In fact, there were so few of them that coin books typically put Flying Eagle pennies in the same group as Indian Head pennies.

Little-Known Facts About Flying Eagle Cents

Flying Eagle cent - a Flying Eagle penny

The Flying Eagle cent has a fantastic design of a flying eagle on the front of the coin.

The designer of this coin was James B. Longacre, who also designed the Indian Head penny.

This coin has a copper-nickel composition.

There are 3 different variations of the 1858 Flying Eagle cent:

  • Some have UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in small letters.
  • Some have UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in larger letters.
  • Some have the 8 stamped over a 7.

How Much Are Flying Eagle Cents Worth?

Here’s the value of Flying Eagle cents:

  • 1858 Flying Eagle cent large letters — $24 to $140
  • 1858 Flying Eagle cent small letters — $24 to $140
  • 1858 Flying Eagle cent 8 over 7 — $75 to $800
  • 1857 Flying Eagle cent — $24 to $140
  • 1856 Flying Eagle cent — ONE EXPENSIVE BIRD!

More About The Rare 1956 Flying Eagle Cent Value

If you’re thinking about collecting small cents, the 1956 Flying Eagle cent is one you’ll probably never obtain unless you plan on spending some big bucks.

There were only 2,000 of these ever minted.

If you have a coin album like I do that has a dated slot to put each coin in, you’ll notice there’s not even a slot for the 1856 Flying Eagle cent, since not many people have them.

Prices for an 1856 Flying Eagle cent start out at $6,500 just for a coin graded “good”, which is a very low grade — all the way up to $20,000 for a mint state coin.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have the 1856 Flying Eagle cent in my collection anytime soon to join the ’57 and ’58.