Budget Coin Collecting – How To Find Discount Coins

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Free-Hand-Holding-A-Dime.jpg Tough economic times are causing some coin collectors to cut back on how much they are spending to enjoy their hobby.

So, how can coin collectors still find a way to buy coins without breaking the bank?

A lot of coin collectors look to discount coins for inexpensive ways to add to their collections.

Here are some tips for budget coin collecting…

Discount Coins

What is a discount coin?

Quite simply, there are many coin dealers who clear out items which are either unpopular or overstocked by selling them at discounted prices.

Such discount coins often include:

  • Bulk quantities of 20th century United States coins
  • Broken-up mint sets
  • Single proof coins
  • Foreign coins
  • Novelty coins
  • Coin sets
  • Cleaned and damaged coins


Discount Coin Storage

If you are looking for good deals on coin storage, then you’re in luck! Many coin dealers offer discount coin storage items, too.

Often, these discounts apply to used:

Discounted coin storage items can also include new items which have either been discontinued or are overstocked.

Be sure to ask your local coin dealer about any discount coin storage items he or she may have available.


Finding Coin Dealers Who Offer Discount Coins

It is not difficult to find coin dealers with discount coins or storage items.

In fact, it is highly common to find coin dealers who have:

  • half-price boxes
  • junk boxes
  • other similar discount offers

If you are calling local coin dealers to see if they have discounted stock (and there is a good chance they do), be sure to ask if they have:

  • half-price boxes
  • junk boxes
  • discount boxes

Many online and mail-order coin dealers also offer discount coins, though they may not be advertised as junk coins or half-price coins.

Be sure to look for coins advertised under headings such as:

  • special prices
  • clearance
  • liquidations
  • overstocked
  • discounted


Discount Coin Return Policies

Alright, so you bought a discounted coin or storage item, but you’ve decided that you no longer want it and would like to return it. Hold on, there.

Before you ever buy any coins or storage items (including those which are discounted), be sure the dealer offers a return policy.

Many coin dealers do not offer returns or exchanges for discounted stock. So be sure you keep that in mind before you buy your next item!




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