Ways To Have Fun With Coins: Make Coin Art

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By Joshua

coin-art-ancient-gemteck1.jpg Coins are, for many people, more than simply a monetary medium or collectible objects of economic realm.

Coins can also be used as art.

While, as a coin collector and numismatist, I don’t personally advocate the mutilation of coins, I do respect the notion that coins can be a very important element in art and want to share a few brief examples of coin art.

Coin Art

People have been using coins in jewelry, watches, and other forms of artistic expression for decades.

It’s not too hard to find examples of coins used either in or as art.

Take, for example, the many coins encountered with holes.

Many holed coins like had a past as part of a necklace.

And what about coins that have etchings in them?

Countless coins have had monograms, messages, and even advertisements inscribed or counterstamped on them.

And how can I forget Hobo nickels? Hobo nickels represent one of the most popular forms of coin art known.

coin-art-irish-deovolenti.jpgAs you can see, coin art also makes for some creative gift ideas.

You’ve likely seen the advertisements for painted American Silver Eagle coins or 50 States Quarters.

While painted coins carry no extra numismatic value and are generally viewed as altered coins, there are plenty of people who appreciate painted coins as a form of coin art.

Painted coins are very common in the marketplace and should never be regarded as rare items. There are, however, eye-popping examples of novelty coins and make great coffee table, curio shelf, and mantle showpieces.