2017 Penny Value: What Are 2017 Pennies Worth? Find Out Here

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Have you seen the 2017 penny with the “P” mintmark from the Philadelphia Mint?

Are you curious what the 2017-P penny and other 2017 pennies are worth?

If so, you’ve come to the right place — we’ve got the answers you’re looking for! 

The 2017-P penny and the 2017-D penny can be found in your everyday pocket change. Both are relatively common coins.

Still, a lot of people are excited about 2017-P pennies — because they’re the first United States one-cent coins to ever bear the “P” mintmark from the Philadelphia Mint.

According to the U.S. Mint, the 2017 pennies will be the only U.S. pennies to contain the “P” mintmark. All other pennies from the Philadelphia Mint don’t contain the mintmark — as had been customary for all Philly-minted one-cent coins from 1793 through 2016.

So what’s up with the 2017-P penny? Why was it made? And what are 2017 pennies worth?

Here are your answers…


2017 Penny Facts

So, why did the Philadelphia Mint place a “P” mintmark on 2017 one-cent coins — marking an historic first?

The “P” mintmark was situated on 2017 pennies as part of the 225th anniversary of the U.S. Mint, which was established by an act of Congress on April 2, 1792.

According to U.S. Mint officials, the determination to place a “P” mintmark on the Lincoln cent was the suggestion of Philadelphia Mint employees, who thought that was a proper gesture to recognize the historic achievements the Mint has made in Philadelphia.

A lot of folks who remember the release of the 2017-P Lincoln penny might recall that there was no announcement made to herald the coin’s arrival. Nada. No marketing. Nothing.

In fact, the Mint intentionally kept the 2017-P coin a secret so they could see how long it would be before people noticed the new coin.

2017-P pennies were released in early January and were first discovered by coin collector in North Carolina during mid January.

It’s easy to see why some people may have thought the 2017-P pennies were error coins, since the “P” mintmark had never appeared on U.S. one-cent coins before. But the Mint confirmed the authenticity of the coins, and they quickly grew in popularity with coin collectors and non-collectors alike.

How rare are they? Here’s the scoop:

  • 2017-P pennies were produced by the 10s of millions — like most other Lincoln pennies — and thus aren’t rare.
  • 2017-D Lincoln pennies were also produced in the usual mintage well into the millions and aren’t rare, either.


What Are 2017 Pennies Worth?

Most 2017-P pennies are very common, because they were minted by he millions and were released into circulation.

This doesn’t mean 2017-P Lincoln cents aren’t special as one-year type collectibles — since they are the only year in which pennies from Philadelphia have the “P” mintmark.

Still, like the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial cents that were released into circulation as a one-year-only coin, the 2017-P Lincoln penny generally remains a common coin.

What are 2017-P pennies worth? What’s the value of other 2017 pennies?

Here’s what the 2017 penny is worth:

  • 2017-P Lincoln penny — 15+ cents
  • 2017-D Lincoln penny — 15+ cents
  • 2017-S Proof Lincoln penny — $5+

*Values are for coins that are uncirculated, unless otherwise noted.

What are your 2017 pennies worth if you found them in circulation and they’re worn?

  • Worn 2017-P pennies are worth face value.

That’s actually good news!… While the 2017-P cent and other 2017 pennies are worth only face value if worn, this makes them affordable for budget coin collectors who want to experience the joy of acquiring unusual coins for their collections without spending an arm and a leg.


What Else Happened When Your 2017 Penny Was Minted?

One word to define the year 2017? Busy!

Here’s a look at what was going on when the 2017 penny was minted:


More Info About 2017 Pennies

12 thoughts on “2017 Penny Value: What Are 2017 Pennies Worth? Find Out Here”

    • Hi, Tim —

      This info is based on an aggregate of retail sales data for 2017-P and 2017-D Lincoln cents in uncirculated condition. Circulated cents without errors or varieties are worth face value, and specimens in grades above MS-64 or MS-65 are worth much more, based on individual condition. This info applies largely to typical uncirculated 2017 cents in a retail setting.

      Hope this helps clarify,

    • Hey, James!

      I don’t think I see a photo of your coin… Would you please repost the photo? It sounds like a great find!


  1. Hi again Josh,
    I looked at my pocket change this morning and came across what I think is a die crack on the 2018 shield penny. It appears that this crack is on the obverse and starts at the w in we and moves down into Lincolns head, splits again and goes towards the back of the head. It is y shaped sort of. There also appears to be what looks like 2 rims as well, one to the inside of the outer rim, does that make sense?. The funny thing is that I found 2 of them at the same time. Each picture is a different coin. Have you seen any errors like this for 2018 shields? Thank you again. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ea93d17b4ec642dfc486f0b6db2c082a72667fda94d3a480ab9790b74e3df37.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e03266f74889b692bb717ec1d5ed1706387c73ee75a2d0ce4f69cb39b0beb487.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9ece1a23c58bfaf74a5aeccfab118ff0b907068bc15070a2a8d2e55ec8eb43e8.jpg

    • Hi, Sky Watch —

      Yes, that’s almost 100% certainly a die crack on those pieces. I haven’t heard of many 2018 cent varieties yet, but the year is still young. And what you’re showing me here is a really cool find. You might send these photos to John Wexler (www.doubleddie.com) to have him attribute these coins.

      Awesome discoveries,

  2. This has nothing to do with the P mint mark on 2017 Philadelphia Penny, nor the shield errors, where there is the presence of cuds…i have searched and searched the internet, using several different ways of wording our discovery and have been unable to find even one reference to another 2017 P Penny like ours, on which it is clearly visible that undwr Lincoln’s chin, his collar is just missing…there isn’t even a shallow strike outlining where the collar should be. I am not a lucky person, so i know we cant be the only people to ever discover such an error on the 2017 P Penny so any input you may have is much appreciated. Thanks for your time…[email protected]

    • Hi, Melissa —

      I do see it… My first thought was a weak strike, though some of his head details are sufficiently strong. It MIGHT be a grease-filled for strikethrough error, which seems a rational explanation. It would really take an in-hand evaluation to make this call for sure, but that is what I believe we have here. These can sometimes bring a few bucks depending on whether or not the coin is sold to a devout error collector. I’d consider sending this piece to variety expert John Wexler at doubleddie.com for an in-hand second opinion…

      Good luck!


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