Coin Gift Ideas: 5 Clever Coin Gifts For Any Occasion


Has the time come to shower the ones you love with gifts? If you’re a coin collector, chances are your idea of what makes a great gift might mean giving something flat, shiny, and round. Indeed, there are many coin gift ideas that are perfect for coin collectors and non-numismatists alike. I’ve been giving coin gifts for many years to loved ones who may or may not be considered avid collectors. Let’s face it – people love coins, even if the recipients are not exactly considered coin … [Read more...]

Six Fun Facts About Sixpence Coins

sixpence coins

For many, sixpence coins are more well known as a part of cultural lore than as a once-important part of the British pre-decimal monetary system, as well as that of several other nations, including Colonial America. So, for being a being a somewhat diminutive 19 millimeters, about the size of a United States one-cent coin, sixpence coins certainly have an incredible large presence in history. During most of their production, sixpence coins were struck with a 92.5 percent silver composition, … [Read more...]

Ways To Have Fun With Coins: Make Coin Art

Coins are, for many people, more than simply a monetary medium or collectible objects of economic realm. Coins can also be used as art. While, as a coin collector and numismatist, I don't personally advocate the mutilation of coins, I do respect the notion that coins can be a very important element in art and want to share a few brief examples of coin art. Coin Art People have been using coins in jewelry, watches, and other forms of artistic expression for decades. It's not too … [Read more...]

Old Coin Holders: Great As Collectibles & For Storing Coins

Coin collecting is one of the world's most popular hobbies.But did you know that within coin collecting there is another pastime that has grown somewhat of a following?Collecting old coin holders is something many have been doing for years to assemble arrays of obsolete, historic, and retro coin storage.In more recent years, many coin collectors have looked toward buying old coin holders because they're often cheaper to buy than new coin holders.Let's take a look at some of the old coin holders … [Read more...]

10 Coin Collecting Gifts Your Favorite Numismatist Will Love

Gift shopping can be hard for the person who has everything. So what do you buy the coin collector who's near and dear to your heart? Buying coin gifts for the numismatist in your life is easier than you might think. Take a look at these 10 gift ideas sure to please a coin collector who's special to you.   … [Read more...]

Sold Out! The Boy Scouts Silver Dollar Is A Hit In Uncirculated Grades

The Boy Scouts commemorative dollar coin is so popular that the uncirculated version of the coin has sold out! The United States Mint has been selling the Boy Scouts dollar coin to a very receptive audience. While coin collectors make up the core of any commemorative coin fan base, many non-collectors purchase commemorative coins as gifts. The United States government has allowed the U.S. Mint to make: A total of 350,000 Boy Scout commemorative silver dollars Most are proofs … [Read more...]

New U.S. Mint Product: Millard Fillmore $1 Coin Cover

The U.S. Mint begins selling the new Millard Fillmore Presidential $1 coin cover April 2. The new coin cover is a special commemorative product that includes 2 uncirculated $1 Millard Fillmore $1 coins (1 from Philadelphia, 1 from Denver), and a 44-cent First Class postage stamp on a display card. These coin covers are stamped on the first day of the minting of the Millard Fillmore $1 coin. The Millard Fillmore $1 coin cover costs $15.95. Presidential $1 coin covers are popular with both … [Read more...]

Good To Know: Buying Franklin Mint Coins


You've probably seen the ads on TV, the Internet, and in magazines for Franklin Mint coins. The Franklin Mint is highly respected and sells a variety of collectibles, including: Painted coins Coin sets and coin collections Coin jewelry Graded and slabbed United States coins Old, authentic legal tender coins and banknotes Gift sets … [Read more...]

7 Popular Lucky Coins That May Help Bring You Some Luck


We all need a little luck in our lives – hopefully good luck, right? Lucky coins are probably one of the most popular ways of bringing a little luck in our lives. Lucky coins come in all shapes and sizes. Why’s that? Because all of us have our own ideas as to what makes a coin lucky. Here are some common types of lucky coins: Coins from the year of your birth Coins from a country special to you Coins with a special design or inscription Coins found during particularly happy … [Read more...]