Cash For Gold: Scam Or Real Deal?


If you've done any driving around your town, you've probably seen the guys and gals -- many dressed up as cartoon characters, holiday icons, or even gold bars -- advertising cash for gold coins and gold jewelry. ...And if you haven't seen these folks waving signs on the side of your local roads, then you've probably seen the ads on local billboards, TV, or in magazines and circulars. Well, what about them? Are the cash for gold offers a good deal for you, or are they a scam? Can you … [Read more...]

Appraising Coins: 5 Tips Before Getting Coins Appraised


Appraising coins can be a serious undertaking. After all, if you've got a lot of valuable coins, you need to have some pretty accurate info on how much they're worth. Unless you've got a small coin collection and you really know what you have, then getting your coins appraised can be a bit of work. Here are 5 tips that will go a long way in making the coin appraising process go more smoothly for you...   … [Read more...]

Coin Speak: 10 Key Coin Terms You’ll Need To Know (And They’ll Help You Sound Like A Real Numismatist!)


Reading coin books, coin magazines, looking at coin websites, and joining in online coin forums, you probably feel like you're having to learn a whole new language just to find out more about coins. If you're feeling alone, don't. When I first started collecting coins almost 20 years ago, I felt the same way. Believe it or not, you'll learn these coin terms in no time and soon know plenty about this second language!   … [Read more...]

Coin Tubes: Cheap & Safe Coin Storage

Here's an effective, safe, and cheap way to store a lot of coins: use coin tubes. Coin tubes are plastic, (usually) chemically safe ways to protect many coins all in one compact area. Coin tubes house a number of coins equivalent to quantities found in normal coin rolls. Here's a breakdown of what most coin tubes hold: 50 pennies 40 nickels 50 dimes 40 quarters 20 half dollars 20 large-size dollar coins 25 small-size dollar coins Coin tubes cost anywhere from … [Read more...]

Making A Coin Want List Will Help You Acheive The Coin Collection You Want

Putting together your coin want list is kind of like making a Christmas list for Santa Claus... only you have to buy the coins on that want list. Oh, and it may take a while to actually get all those coins!But making a coin want list has several advantages:You can list out all your coin goals in one convenient place.A want list can help a coin dealer track down the coins you need for your coin collection.A coin want list is a great way to visualize what you'll need to round out your coin … [Read more...]

4 Things To Look For When You Buy Coins

Do you know how to buy coins? There are a few things coin collectors look for when they go shopping for coins they want for their coin collections. Take a look at a few of the basic factors that numismatists consider when deciding what coins to buy from a coin dealer: Grade: A coin's grade is very important. Coin grading measures how much wear a coin has. The more wear a coin has, the lower its grade. Uncirculated coins have no wear whatsoever. Eye Appeal: Eye appeal is a highly … [Read more...]

Can’t Afford The Expensive Coin You Want? Buy It On A Layaway Plan!

Want to buy a rare or expensive coin you've had your eyes on for months or years but can't afford to buy it right now?  No problem! Many coin dealers offer a layaway plan to get that long-desired coin in your hands. Not every coin dealer offers a layaway plan. Those that do may have their own unique policy, but it's common to see a plan where you pay 1/3 down and 1/3 each month until the coin's paid off about 3 months after your first payment. Note that many coin dealers extend … [Read more...]

A Couple Quick Tips On How To Purchase Gold Coins

Becoming part of the modern Gold Rush that seems to have struck many Americans these past couple years is not hard to do -- if you know how to purchase gold coins. Buying gold coins for your coin collection or investment portfolio is not necessarily difficult, but you have to know who to buy from to get the best deals. Gold and silver bullion coin dealers are probably your best bet to getting a good -- and up-to-the-minute -- price on gold coins. Many online coin dealers also sell gold coins … [Read more...]

Completing A Collection Of Jefferson Nickels Is Cheap, Easy & Fun

Jefferson nickels have been around since 1938. While they have been serving the public since the last days of the Great Depression, they remain one of the easiest and least-expensive coin sets to complete. In fact, it’s entirely possible to actually complete a Jefferson nickel collection simply by looking for all the coins from pocket change. Sound easy? Well, it’s not quite as simple as 1-2-3, but because the Jefferson nickel has seen few changes over its time, many non-coin collectors … [Read more...]

The Millard Fillmore Presidential Dollar Coin & First Spouse Medal Set Is Released

The United States Mint will begin offering the first Presidential dollar coin of 2010 on March 26, 2010 at 12:00 PM Eastern time. The Millard Fillmore dollar coin will be sold along with the First Spouse bronze medal honoring President Fillmore's wife, Abigail Fillmore. The Fillmore Presidential Dollar Coin & First Spouse Medal Set will be sold for $11.95 and feature an uncirculated specimen of the Fillmore Presidential dollar coin and the Abigail Fillmore medal. These coin sets are … [Read more...]