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Wondering the value of a 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar today? Here's a list of all 1967 half dollar no mint mark values + 1967 Kennedy half dollar errors.

Coin values depend on a number of factors. Here's how to find out how much a specific coin is worth. Plus tools to help you find the value of ALL your coins

How are coin varieties and coin errors different? Why does it matter? What are these unusual coins worth? All you need to know about U.S. coin oddities.

Coin mintage numbers refer to how many coins were struck by the Mint - not how many still exist. How to use mintage numbers to determine a coin's value and rarity.

Susan B. Anthony dollars are America's first small-size dollar coin. The entire collection of SBA dollars consists of just 18 coins! (11 made for circulation + 7 made for collectors)

Ultimate Penny Error List - penny errors to look for, common & rare error pennies, unique pennies that look like errors but are not, and how much they're all worth!

Anatomy of a coin - this coin identifier points out all of the key places on a U.S. coin.

Coin diagrams and photos to help you describe your coin to others (if you want to sell it online). Plus, a coin glossary that explains the parts of a coin.

The statehood quarter program began in 1999 and continued through 2008. The 50 state quarters were released into circulation in the order the statehoods came into existence. Here's the list of all 50 state quarters & their release dates. Plus, everything you need to know about collecting state quarters, and fun ways to organize them!

A medal honoring the San Franscisco Mint building that operated from 1874 through 1937 and was known as "The Granite Lady."

See which coins have been made at the San Francisco Mint since 1854, the rarest and most valuable coins from there, and what San Francisco Mint tours are like.