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Metal Detecting Coins

Thinking about exploring the world of metal detecting? Wondering exactly how to use a metal detector to find old coins? Here's a good place to start!

Want fast and easy ways to find old coins? Here are 6 proven ways to increase your odds of finding old valuable coins without buying them from a coin dealer

Today, the rarest coins are usually purchased... or found with a metal detector. Industry expert Michael Bernzweig has some tips for collecting coins using a metal detector.

How was the famous Saddle Ridge gold coin hoard found in California? Find out here, plus tips on how to discover your own coin hoards!

The XP DEUS metal detector is 4 metal detectors in one and the first wireless metal detector EVER! See why this lifelong metal detectorist loves the XP DEUS.

Treasure hunting can be both profitable and exciting! As long as you know all the rules on how to treasure hunt legally where you want to dig and search, then have a go. Using a metal detector is one of the easiest ways to go treasure hunting.