What Does FBL Mean? See Why FBL Franklin Half Dollars Are In Demand!

Wondering what is a FBL Franklin Half Dollar? Well, FBL is a coin grading term. It refers to Full Bell Lines — those horizontal lines seen banding the Liberty Bell on the reverse of the Franklin half dollar coins. See how FBL Franklin half dollars are different from non-FBL Franklins, and the value of FBL Franklin half dollars vs. non-FBL Franklin halves.

Coin Roll Hunting 101: Here’s My Experience Buying Bank Rolls Of Coins At Face Value And Finding Valuable Coins + A List Of Coins You’re Most Likely To Find In Coin Rolls

I like to buy rolls of coins from the bank, then see how many valuable coins I can find in each roll. It’s called coin roll hunting. (Yes it’s a thing.) Here are some of the coins I’ve obtained for face value – simply by buying bank rolls. Also, see which coins you should be looking for in bank rolls – by denomination. My most memorable coin roll hunting adventure was the time I spent $20 on 5 rolls of nickels and 1 roll of half-dollars. I ended up finding some great silver coins, plus several old coins worth much more than face value! What valuable coins have YOU found in bank rolls?

Facts About Barber Coins (Nickels Thru Half Dollars From 1892 To 1916) & Liberty Head Nickels – See How Much They’re Worth

Charles E. Barber was a noted coin designer who gained widespread recognition for his depictions of Liberty on many of the coins. His Liberty Head designs for the dime, quarter and half dollar were so popular that they were usually called Barber coins rather than Liberty Head coins! However, the Barber nickel was usually called a Liberty Head nickel instead. Barber coins were struck from 1892 to 1916. See the value of Barber coins and Liberty Head nickels in this helpful Barber Coins Guide.