Get A Job In Coins! Here’s How I Was Able To Find A Job In The Coin Industry… And You Can, Too

Want to get a job in the coin industry? I can help you! I’m a longtime coin collector and I’ve led a numismatic career with LOTS of fun numismatic jobs since 2006. I’m going to help you start your coin job search with the goal of finding U.S. Mint jobs and other numismatic jobs — where you can put your love of coins to work on a full- or part-time basis. Start here to find a job working with coins!

What’s The Difference Between Being A Numismatist & A Coin Collector?

Wondering about the difference between being a numismatist and a coin collector? A coin collector is somebody who gathers coins with the intention of completing sets of coins. A numismatist is a person who studies coins and money from a historic, social, or artistic sense. See other differences and why many people are both!

First Strike Coins

What Are First Strike Coins?

Curious about the value of First Strike coins? Are they even worth buying? Here’s an expert analysis on whether First Strike coins are a good investment.