Wow!… 107 Rare Coins Released Into Circulation

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penny-folder-photo-by-wesley-fryer.jpg Check your pocket change!

A New Jersey coin dealer has released 107 rare coins into circulation to help promote more interest in coin collecting.

Some of the rare coins include the famous and valuable 1955 Doubled-Die Lincoln cent, worth about $1,000 and up.

In fact, the value of all the coins being released is $4,000!

And don’t forget, rare coins travel. So these coins can last in circulation for months and even years before being discovered by someone astute enough to realize they are holding a rare coin.

Even if you are outside New Jersey and it is a year or more after the release of these coins, there is a fair chance that some of these rare coins are still floating around in change near (or even on) you!

In fact, even when there aren’t advertised rare coin entries into circulation like this, you should still keep your eyes open for rare coins in your pocket change. Somewhere in this country, several rare coins are likely floating around, just waiting to be found by a lucky collector — and that lucky collector could be you!

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