Coin Collecting 101

Beginner Coin Collecting Tips For Newbies + Low-Budget Coin Collecting Ideas – Thinking of starting a coin collection? Or maybe you’ve inherited someone else’s collection and you’re not sure what to do with it. Here our coin experts are sharing helpful resources to point you in the right direction when you don’t know much about U.S. coins and their values. See what to watch out for when buying or selling coins, how to find valuable coins in circulation, what you need to know before cleaning coins, tips for storing and protecting your coins, how to get coins graded and appraised, the best coin collecting supplies to start with, low-budget coin collecting advice, and lots of unique resources & tips for collecting coins that you won’t find anywhere else.

5 Unusual Types Of Coins Worth Collecting

There really is a lot of diversity in U.S. coins. In the United States’ more than 200 years of coin production, our nation has seen many types of interesting coins. However, if you’re a coin collector and you find yourself a little bored with ‘typical’ modern U.S. coins, then consider these 5 unique types of coins worth collecting.

Proof Coins And Proof Sets: What You Need To Know

Proof coins represent the finest, the very best, that any U.S. Mint has to offer. You see, proof doesn’t refer to a particular grade. Rather, proof refers to the result when a coin is manufactured in a special way. Proof coins vary greatly from their business strike — regular, circulation-quality — counterparts and they take a different path in the Mint.

Collecting Pocket Change: A Fun Way Collect Coins Without Much Effort!

It’s surprising what ends up in your pocket as change received from a simple purchase. I’ve managed to complete a very informal coin collection strictly from pocket change. Every morning when I stop to pick up a newspaper, I check to see if the 2 quarters in change are the next coins for my collection. Other unique coins made their way from pocket change to my coin collection as well.