Look For These In Your Pocket Change: Bicentennial Coins

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bicentennial-coins-dollar-photo-by-mickey-glitter.jpg Bicentennial coins are popular with coin collectors — especially those who rely on pocket change to find their coin treasures.

The Bicentennial — the 200th birthday of the United States — was celebrated in 1976 with special commemorative designs on the quarter, half-dollar, and dollar coin.

While worn bicentennial coins are worth only face value, they can still be fun to find in circulation.

Here are some Bicentennial coin fun facts:

  • Bicentennial coins are dual-dated 1776-1976.
  • Bicentennial coins were made during 1975 and 1976.
  • There are no United States quarters, half-dollars, or dollar coins dated 1975.
  • Well over 2 billion Bicentennial coins were made for circulation, including all 1776-1976 dated quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins.

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4 thoughts on “Look For These In Your Pocket Change: Bicentennial Coins”

  1. Hello, I think I got some Error Coins here with me, these are State Quarters of 2000 in “P” Mint Sets we purchased last month. We are about to have them in our Coin Album when we noticed differently the metal and color of these coins compared to the Year issues. The Rim and it’s edges were white silvery single color while the others have somewhat a two-toned color of copper and nickel. The weight was fine except for the planchet which I guess made in Silver.
    How much do you think these 5 Coins be worth if indeed it was struck in Silver?
    Thanks, Alan J.

    • Hello, Alan —

      If the quarters that appear to be made of silver weigh in at 5.67 grams, they are copper-nickel clad; they would have to weigh 6.25 grams to be made from the 90% silver planchets. I hope this helps you determine the situation with your coins!


    • Hi, Ronald —

      If it’s uncirculated, your 1976-dated Bicentennial quarter would be worth 30 to 40 cents. However, even the slightest trace of wear will render it worth face value.



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