5 Cheap Coin Supplies You Need & Where To Find Them

cheap coin supplies

Cheap coin supplies are in high demand by collectors who want to take care of their coins but don’t have much… ahem… “coin” to spare (cue the joke punchline drum shot… ba dum sssssst). But, in all seriousness (OK, I’m not really going to get too serious – this is a blog post about a fun hobby after all), buying coin supplies can be a very expensive burden on coin collectors who have only a few bucks or so each week to spend on their passion. So how can coin collectors on a budget find … [Read more...]

5 Coin Collecting Supplies Every Beginning Coin Collector Must Have

coin collecting supplies

Every coin collector, early on in his or her ventures in the hobby, eventually gets to the point where they need to start investing a little money in coin collecting supplies to enjoy the pastime to its fullest. When I was 11 years old and first started collecting coins, buying supplies was not initially on the top of my to-do list. But before long, I began setting aside a little bit of my coin collecting budget for items that would become important in my numismatic … [Read more...]

Keep Your Pretty Pennies Safe In Coin Albums Made Just For Lincoln Cents

coin albums

If there is one coin that I and millions of other coin collectors love putting in coin albums, it has to be the Lincoln cent. For good reason: It's one of the first coins we ever started collecting. Most dates are pretty affordable to buy for your collection Pennies are easy to find in everyday pocket change. Besides, Lincoln cents have been with us for more than a century – since 1909 to be exact -- so it's no wonder that this beloved little coin is found in millions of coin … [Read more...]

Old Coin Holders: Great As Collectibles & For Storing Coins

Coin collecting is one of the world's most popular hobbies.But did you know that within coin collecting there is another pastime that has grown somewhat of a following?Collecting old coin holders is something many have been doing for years to assemble arrays of obsolete, historic, and retro coin storage.In more recent years, many coin collectors have looked toward buying old coin holders because they're often cheaper to buy than new coin holders.Let's take a look at some of the old coin holders … [Read more...]

Old-School Wheat Cent Collecting: Using A Penny Board

Collecting wheat pennies has been a national pastime since the 1930s, when the first penny boards were published by Whitman -- the same company that sells blue coin folders and coin collecting guide books. Penny boards pre-date modern-day coin albums and are one of the most influential developments in coin collecting because they sparked interest in date-and-mintmark collecting. While coin collecting has experienced many changes since the 1930s, the revolution created by penny boards is … [Read more...]

Check Out The Coin Folders & Coin Albums For The New Quarters


Check out some of the coin albums, coin books, and coin folders available for the new quarters. The America the Beautiful Quarters are being released from the United States Mint every couple months now, and coin collectors are in serious need of some up-to-date coin supplies for these new coins. Be sure you keep your eye on your pocket change and start working on filling up a new America the Beautiful Quarters folder soon! … [Read more...]

Coin Tubes: Cheap & Safe Coin Storage

Here's an effective, safe, and cheap way to store a lot of coins: use coin tubes. Coin tubes are plastic, (usually) chemically safe ways to protect many coins all in one compact area. Coin tubes house a number of coins equivalent to quantities found in normal coin rolls. Here's a breakdown of what most coin tubes hold: 50 pennies 40 nickels 50 dimes 40 quarters 20 half dollars 20 large-size dollar coins 25 small-size dollar coins Coin tubes cost anywhere from … [Read more...]

First State Depository In Wilmington Delaware Keeps Gold Safe And Sound


First State Depository is located in Wilmington Delaware and keeps gold safe for all kinds of individuals, companies, and investment firms. With a depository in New York City asking some people to remove gold, many people are now looking into storing gold in Wilmington. Check out some of these amazing features at First State Depository used to keep its gold safe: … [Read more...]

The 1922 Cent: Why Is This 1922 Plain Cent Needed To Complete A Lincoln Penny Collection?


Lincoln cents are the longest-running series of coins in United States history. The Lincoln penny is now a century old. So, virtually everybody alive today grew up with them and has known their whole life the little copper coin with the portrait of our 16th president – Abraham Lincoln. It's no surprise that Lincoln cents have for decades been one of the most beloved coins in the world to collect. What I find makes the Lincoln cent so challenging to collect and so interesting to study is … [Read more...]

Warning: Don’t Use Plastic Coin Holders Made With Polyvinylchloride (PVC)


Thousands of collectors have ruined their coins thanks to a very common chemical known as Polyvinylchloride, or PVC. Many plastic items contain PVC. PVC is often found in the piping that plumbers use in homes and businesses. PVC is also found in a variety of other plastic items, including many older coin holders. This is bad. Why? Because PVC can damage coins. The damage to coins contained inside coin holders made with PVC is often irreversible and causes coins to lose much, if not most, … [Read more...]