7 Coin Sets You Can Complete For Under $10

Coin collecting on a budget probably hasn't been more important in years than it has been in recent times.With the economy still on the rocks, many people don't want to give up their hobbies but still must find a way to cut back.Thankfully, enjoying the hobby of coin collecting doesn't have to be expensive.In fact, here are 7 ideas for coin sets you can complete for under $10.  … [Read more...]

10 Cheap & Famous Coins That You’ll Want In Your Coin Collection


There are many famous rare U.S. coins that attract the attention of coin collectors around the world, but what about famous coins that aren't rare? I'm talking about coins that, despite not being worth tons of money, still have managed to grab the spotlight and are among the coins that most coin collectors vie to have in their coin collections simply because they're important, famous, or popular. Here's a list of 10 such famous coins that surely deserve a spot in your coin collection.   … [Read more...]

Old Coins You Might Have… & What They’re Worth


It's really amazing how many old coins are floating around out there. At least a few times each week, I'll be asked how much an old penny is worth, values for old quarters, and prices for old silver coins. There are tons of old coins out there just waiting to be found in estates, buried in coffee cans, and hiding out in boxes and drawers. Let's check out some old coins you may have and see how much they're worth. Get out your magnifying glass... maybe you have some of these old coins … [Read more...]

3 Fun Ways To Collect Proof Sets


It's always fun to collect proof sets. After all, where else is it that you can find such beautiful and pristine examples of United States Mint coins than in a proof set? There are many different ways that coin collectors collect proof sets; check out these ideas: Collecting proof sets from years of special meaning to you Born in 1964? Married in 1988? First kid in '91? Why not buy proof sets from any or all of the years that have been important to you. Collecting a lifetime of proof … [Read more...]

Look For These In Your Pocket Change: Bicentennial Coins


Bicentennial coins are popular with coin collectors -- especially those who rely on pocket change to find their coin treasures. The Bicentennial -- the 200th birthday of the United States -- was celebrated in 1976 with special commemorative designs on the quarter, half-dollar, and dollar coin. While worn bicentennial coins are worth only face value, they can still be fun to find in circulation. Here are some Bicentennial coin fun facts: Bicentennial coins are dual-dated 1776-1976. … [Read more...]

Here’s A Great Way To Collect Old Silver Coins: Buy Silver Mint Sets


Old silver mint sets are a terrific bargain and wonderful way to collect old silver coins. Silver mint sets were made from 1947 to 1964 and again during the United States Bicentennial celebration in 1976. Silver mint sets generally contain uncirculated examples of the types of the same coins seen in pocket change.For the sake of discussion, I'll cover silver mint sets which have 90% silver coins and the special issue 1976-dated Bicentennial silver mint set. Mint sets made from 1965 to 1970 … [Read more...]

How Much Nickel Is In A Nickel? Is There Silver In Silver Coins? What About Pennies vs Cents?

#1 Pennies vs cents -- what's the difference? In the United States, it is common for people to refer to our one-cent coin as a penny. But would you be surprised to learn there actually isn't any such thing as a United States penny? It's true! The coin many Americans frequently call a penny is officially called a one-cent coin or cent.So where does the term penny come from?Our mother country, Great Britain, has been making pennies for centuries. Yes, their pennies really are pennies. In fact, … [Read more...]

U.S. Mint Lesson Plans – Teaching Kids About Coins


The United States coinage programs of the past decade -- which include the 50 States Quarters, Presidential $1 Coins, and D.C. & U.S. Territories Quarters -- have been hailed not only as numismatic successes, but also as teaching opportunities for educators and parents across the country. See how the U.S. Mint is helping teachers and parents teach children about coin collecting... Lesson Plans About U.S. Coins U.S. Mint Lesson Plans have been used by millions of parents and … [Read more...]

Coin Roll Hunting: When Bank Rolls Yield Valuable Coins!


As a coin collector, I like to buy rolls of coins and see what I can find within. Recently, I went to the bank and decided to spend $20 on rolled coins. I ended up getting 5 rolls of nickels (total of 200 nickels) and a roll of half-dollars (20 half-dollars). I knew I had coin roll hunting success on my hands when, on my way out of the bank, I peeked under the end of the paper half-dollar roll and saw the distinctive whitish color of a silver half-dollar underneath. Yep, 50 cents bought … [Read more...]

Coins Are Disappearing From Circulation!


A lot of people like to know about the kinds of coins they can find in circulation. I'm one of those folks. As a coin collector, I always keep my eye on the change that comes in and out of my hand. As an active numismatist since 1992, I can't honestly tell you how many coins I have checked out, but I know the number is safely well into the tens of thousands. Of course, I am counting coins I find in circulation, too -- not just the ones I have. But many coins are getting hard to find in pocket … [Read more...]