5 Coin Collecting Supplies Every Beginning Coin Collector Must Have

coin collecting supplies

Every coin collector, early on in his or her ventures in the hobby, eventually gets to the point where they need to start investing a little money in coin collecting supplies to enjoy the pastime to its fullest. When I was 11 years old and first started collecting coins, buying supplies was not initially on the top of my to-do list. But before long, I began setting aside a little bit of my coin collecting budget for items that would become important in my numismatic … [Read more...]

Collecting Fake Coins – A New Facet Of Coin Collecting That’s Gaining Attention


It used to be that you never uttered the C word or the F word in coin collecting; of course, those words would be counterfeit and fake, as in counterfeit and fake coins. Nowadays, many coin collectors use another term for these less-than-real coins that is a little more... ahem... politically correct, and that is “replica coins.” Novelty coins, replica coins, copy coins... No matter what term you use, though (even if it is fake coins!), collecting coins that aren’t 100 percent mint made is … [Read more...]

What’s A Business Strike Coin?


If you have spent any time perusing coin listings on coin dealers’ websites or checking out online coin collecting forums, you have probably come across the term business strike. But what’s a business strike coin, and how does one differ from other types of coins, such as proof coins? Business strike coins are intended for the purpose of circulating in the channels of commerce, or, in other words, daily exchanges of money at the grocery store, the bank, and the mall. So, the coins you have … [Read more...]

What’s The Lifespan Of A Coin? Find Out How Long Coins Last

coin lifespan

Have you wondered what the lifespan of a coin is? When I started collecting coins at the age of 11, that was one of the first things I wondered – how long does a coin last before it is too worn to use? Not long after I started collecting coins in the early 1990s, my question was answered when I heard about a report that was conducted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). This study concerned the average lifespan of coins and, more specifically, how much the United States … [Read more...]

Keep Your Pretty Pennies Safe In Coin Albums Made Just For Lincoln Cents

coin albums

If there is one coin that I and millions of other coin collectors love putting in coin albums, it has to be the Lincoln cent. For good reason: It's one of the first coins we ever started collecting. Most dates are pretty affordable to buy for your collection Pennies are easy to find in everyday pocket change. Besides, Lincoln cents have been with us for more than a century – since 1909 to be exact -- so it's no wonder that this beloved little coin is found in millions of coin … [Read more...]

Popular Coin Sets for Beginning Collectors

coin collectors sets

Coin collecting is a hobby that has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years, with tens of thousands joining the ranks of coin collectors each year. By some estimates more than 100 million Americans collect coins, and these millions of collectors all started their journeys in the hobby somewhere. For many people, their first foray in coin collecting originates with a collection they inherit from a family member, a strange coin found in pocket change, or perhaps even the start … [Read more...]

4 Things To Remember When Coin Collecting

coin collecting

In my nearly 20 years of coin collecting, I’ve learned many things about this amazing pastime. Never clean your coins. Don’t drop your coins. Keep your coins in the best holders you can afford. Be a good steward, for your coins will be in the hands of future generations. But there are some other principles I’ve learned to always keep in mind about this hobby which have helped me to enjoy this ages-old pastime even more. I’d love to share these thoughts with you...   … [Read more...]

3 Tips For Starting A Budget Coin Collection For Under $20


We’re all minding our budgets more closely these days, but we still need to have fun, too. However, if you think coin collecting is a luxurious hobby that you need oodles of money to take part in, then you must not be aware of the many budget-friendly options available for collecting coins on the cheap. In fact, it’s entirely possible to begin a decent U.S. coin collection for less than $20. How, you ask? If you’re interested in starting a basic coin collection of Lincoln cents, … [Read more...]

Should You Sell Your Old Coins?

sell old coins

Is it time to sell your old coins? If you have a coin collection and are in need of a little (or lot of) money, you’re probably pondering the idea of selling those collectible coins. Though you may see the promise of cold hard cash in your hands as a reason to sell your coins, sometimes there are tax implications to selling coins, and you might be selling rare coins that may appreciate in value over the long term. While this post is intended only for informational purposes, and coin … [Read more...]

5 Essential Tips For Buying Collectible Coins

collectible coins

If you’re a coin collector or simply somebody who appreciates history, buying collectible coins is either something you’ve thought about doing or have already done and would like expert advice on. Because the coin market is ever changing, it can be difficult to know which tips, tricks, and strategies may work best when buying collectible coins. While you may think there are lots of insider secrets when it comes to the coin market, the truth is that using sound judgment, a little market … [Read more...]