Coin Collecting 101

Beginner Coin Collecting Tips For Newbies + Low-Budget Coin Collecting Ideas – Thinking of starting a coin collection? Or maybe you’ve inherited someone else’s collection and you’re not sure what to do with it. Here our coin experts are sharing helpful resources to point you in the right direction when you don’t know much about U.S. coins and their values. See what to watch out for when buying or selling coins, how to find valuable coins in circulation, what you need to know before cleaning coins, tips for storing and protecting your coins, how to get coins graded and appraised, the best coin collecting supplies to start with, low-budget coin collecting advice, and lots of unique resources & tips for collecting coins that you won’t find anywhere else.

Have Error Coins? Here’s How To Tell A Normal Or Altered Coin From A Real Coin Error

Your weird looking coins might be error coins! Here’s how to tell what’s a legit error coin from the U.S. Mint (like the rare 1990 penny, valuable doubled die coins, and bubbled coins) and what’s an altered coins or novelty coin (like two-headed coins, colorized coins, gold-plated coins, really small coins, really large coins, coins with odd rims and edges, dimes & quarters without edge grooves). Plus a list of some of the most common U.S. coin errors that you could actually find in your pocket change!

Coin Albums vs Coin Folders: Reasons To Use Albums For Some Coins And Folders For Others

Coin folders and coin albums each have their following, and each have their own sets of pros and cons. Be sure you take into account which type of needs you have as a coin collector before you go out and buy either coin folders or coin albums. Here’s why I like to use coin albums for my most expensive coin collections and coin folders for all the rest.