Is your 1955 nickel worth more than $10,000?

1955 Nickels Are Worth More Than Face Value (As Much As $10,000)… Here’s What To Look For!

1955 nickels are scarcer than other Jefferson nickels — which have been made for circulation since 1938. There’s even a rare and valuable 1955 error nickel that’s definitely worth looking for — plus 4 other types of 1955 nickel errors that you can find among nickels in circulation! Here are the current values and unique features you should be looking for on your 1955 nickels.

Some 1944 Nickels Are Worth $10,000+… Do You Have One?

If you’ve found a 1944 Jefferson nickel, you’re in luck. These old nickels are made from silver and worth more than face value. Some 1944 nickels are worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars! See how much yours is worth here.