Counterfeit Coins – How To Avoid Buying Fake Coins

While most counterfeit coins are easy to spot — due to improper weight, color, even design details — the truth is there are many good copies that have fooled some of the most seasoned coin collectors! Here’s what to look for in order to avoid buying fake coins.

How To Detect Fake Godless Dollars (Presidential $1 Coins)

Have you ever heard of a Godless dollar. It is a United States Mint error which left the motto IN GOD WE TRUST off the dollar coin. The problem is that some people are grinding the motto off regular coins and passing them off as real — and it may be at YOUR expense!

Why I Love Collecting Canadian Coins

Canadian coins provide a refreshing alternative to collecting U.S. coins. The wonderful images found on the reverse of most Canadian coins make collecting them a satisfying pastime.