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Check Out The National Money Show: One Of The Biggest Coin Shows Around

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By Joshua

coin-shows-photo-by-gfpeck.jpg Get ready! One of the biggest coin shows around is coming March 25 through March 27, 2010 in Fort Worth Texas.

The National Money Show is a humongous coin show where you can see, shop for, and enjoy literally any coin- and-money-related thing you can imagine.

The National Money Show is a huge draw, and people from all over the country will attend because this event is so important and fun.

Going to a coin show can be a great experience for new coin collectors and seasoned veteran coin collectors alike and is something you’ll want to do to help get the most out of your hobby.

If you think you want to attend the National Money Show, be sure to check out the event’s home page to learn more about admission and what you’ll see at the coin show.