1943 Steel Cents & 1943 Copper Cents Are Popular Among Collectors

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Did you hear about the person who spent a rare 1943 copper cent?

Interesting if that’s the case, because if it is spent and nobody has spotted it, there’s a coin worth over $100,000 floating around out there somewhere!

While 1943 copper cents are rare, 1943 steel cents are highly common. The 1943 steel cents were made to save copper for the war effort.

Here’s the value of steel vs copper pennies.

Some fun facts about 1943 steel pennies:

  • 1943 steel cents do not contain any silver.
  • Over a billion 1943 steel cents were made.
  • Typical 1943 steel cents are worth between 25 cents and 1 dollar, higher if in uncirculated grades.

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