The Steel Penny To Return? With Rising Costs Of Coin Production, It’s Possible

Is the steel penny to return?  After being made in 1943, steel pennies may again appear in pocket change. It's all about current concern over how much the United States government is spending to make copper-coated zinc pennies in recent years. It actually costs 1.6 cents to make a penny -- it's costing more to make a penny than the coin is actually worth! This is leading some officials to call for a new steel penny with copper coating to reduce the cost of making the one cent coin. … [Read more...]

The Amazing And Colorful History Of The U.S. Penny


The United States penny has a history of being a very important coin in American commerce. While it may no longer be able to buy on its own candy (remember penny candy?), a shot at a game or glimpse of a short film in a penny arcade (do those even exist anymore?) or other fun things, the penny still at least helps us pay for sales tax when buying items at the store. Pennies also make great gifts and rewards for young kids! Of course, pennies also have their naysayers. Many Americans have been … [Read more...]

1943 Steel Cents & 1943 Copper Cents Are Popular Among Collectors


Did you hear about the person who spent a rare 1943 copper cent? Interesting if that's the case, because if it is spent and nobody has spotted it, there's a coin worth over $100,000 floating around out there somewhere! While 1943 copper cents are rare, 1943 steel cents are highly common. The 1943 steel cents were made to save copper for the war effort. Here's the value of steel vs copper pennies. Some fun facts about 1943 steel pennies: 1943 steel cents do not contain any … [Read more...]

What Are Error Coins? How Much Are Coin Mistakes Worth?


Have you ever heard about error coins? Simply put, an error coin is a mint-made mistake -- in the process of creating the coin at the U.S. mint, some sort of mistake was made affecting the "look" of the coin itself. There are many types of error coins, and the exciting thing about error coins is that they can often be be found in circulation. Here's the kicker: error coins are often worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars!   … [Read more...]

1943 Lincoln Cents: The Value of Steel vs Copper Pennies


One of the most interesting varieties the U.S. Mint created over its decades of producing Lincoln cents came in 1943. That's when the Mint, pursuant to 1942's Public Law 815, temporarily suspended use of copper in pennies to ration the metal for use in war materials. Thus, 1943 Lincoln cents were struck with a steel core which was coated with a thin plating of zinc. Zinc, by the way, is currently used in the core of all Lincoln cents struck since 1982. These steel pennies have a weight of 2.70 … [Read more...]

Wheat Pennies: The Rarest & Most Valuable Wheat Cents


Wheat pennies have been a popular coin to "snag" out of circulation ever since the Memorial design on the reverse of the Lincoln penny replaced the two wheat stalks in 1959. While wheat pennies are getting increasingly hard to find with each passing year, they are still located in pocket change occasionally, and many people have wheat pennies by the hundreds -- and even thousands -- in penny rolls, food jars, clothes drawers, attic boxes, and coin collections. In general, most wheat … [Read more...]

Jefferson Wartime Nickels: How Much Are Silver Nickels Worth Right Now?

World War II caused the United States and its citizens to ration certain materials with the purpose of keeping around important resources for winning the war. The United States Treasury and the U.S. Mint followed suit. While most people are aware of the steel Lincoln pennies which were produced in 1943, fewer seem to know that the Jefferson silver nickels also spent a short period of time being produced under a special composition issue. With nickel an important military material, the United … [Read more...]

7 Rare Wheat Pennies Worth Collecting & What They’re Worth


Among the most popular U.S. coins are Lincoln wheat pennies. Millions collect them, and they have been highly popular with coin collectors of all ages and incomes for decades. But which are the rarest wheat pennies? And what are the low-ball pricing figures and values for these rare Lincoln wheat cents? Let's examine these 7 rare wheat pennies closer.   … [Read more...]