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Collectible Disney Dollars 101: Are Disney Dollars collectible? Heck yeah! Find out how much your old Disney Dollars are worth today.

1935 One Dollar Bill Values - A list of all 1935 $1 Silver Certificate values, including Series 1935-A $1 Silver Certificate mule notes (rare errors).

Replacement Star Notes: How much are your star notes worth today? And how much are rare star notes worth? An updated list of replacement star note values.

See how U.S. coins have been made throughout the years... including details about early U.S. Mints compared to modern day U.S. Mint facilities.

Some old 1957 $1 dollar bills have sold for more than $8,000!

Most Series 1957 $1 Silver Certificate bills are worth more than 1 dollar. See how many were printed and how much they’re worth (including 1957 Star Notes).

Canadian coins provide a refreshing alternative to collecting U.S. coins. The wonderful images found on the reverse of most Canadian coins make collecting them a satisfying pastime.

See what the letters on U.S. paper currency mean. Plus U.S. paper money values - including Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates & Federal Reserve Notes.

Paper money collecting is a fascinating hobby with as many avenues as coin collecting.

See what the mint mark letters on US coins mean (and how they affect value). A list of coins each Mint facility made + What a coin without a mintmark means!