When Was The First U.S. Dollar Coin Introduced?

You don’t see many dollar coins in circulation today. It’s been a LONG time since Americans were using dollar coins on a regular basis — much less silver dollars! See when the first U.S. dollar coin was made, how it came to be, and a complete list of all U.S. dollar coins ever made.

When Did The U.S. Stop Making Silver Coins?

Everything you want to know about the disappearance of silver coins in America, which silver coins the U.S. Mint is still making, and clever ways to find silver coins on your own today!

What Is An Uncirculated Coin? (Uncirculated Coin Grades Explained)

Here’s what to look for on your uncirculated (mint state) coins that have never been used as money: 1) Wear (see where to look for wear on coins) and 2) Grade (see how to determine the grade of your uncirculated coins – with all 11 uncirculated coin grades explained in layman’s terms).